Frequently Asked Questions

Some general questions about our free and paid plans.


With the White-label editor, can I access designs created by my customers?

Yes, our API will push graphics edited by your users in real time on your server endpoint (url of your choice). This way, you remain in full control over the user experience. For example, you can decide to ask for payment before downloading the output. You can decide to publish or share graphics online or whatever best suits your needs.

Is it possible to integrate and test the white-label editor in our development, staging and production environment?

Yes, with the API plan, you will be able to integrate the editor in all your environments (development, staging, and production). You will get one API key, but it is possible to "programmatically" change the integration settings for each platform.

For example, if you want to change the endpoint on your side in which our API will push designs created by your users, you can overwrite the URL when calling this API on your dev or staging environment.

Ex: outputURL=

This way, you can make sure everything is running smoothly before releasing the final solution in production.

Can we disable some of the editor features? For example, if we want to let our users update text but not the background image ?

Yes, with our “Customization tool”, apart from choosing your colors, logo, etc.. you can decide to disable menus (background, Text, Graphics, Shapes) and also subtabs (sub-menus: Images, Icons, etc…). Also, all buttons and elements from the main toolbar can be disabled.

Deprecated since March 2021 : The API plan has a number of API call limit? What does it mean exactly?

Our business model for the White-label editor is based on page views (1 editor view = 1 API call to our platform).

The API plan starts from $49.99/mo (or $39.99 if you pay yearly). And with this starting tier, basically, the editor can be opened up to 25.000 times each month (by the way, users can do whatever they want once the editor is opened in their web browser, the API call is increasing only for the opening and loading of the editor in the browser).

This means that 1 API Call = 1 editor opened in a web browser.

If 25.000 API calls each month are not enough for your volume, of course, we can upgrade your account anytime. Keep in mind, the more you consume, the cheaper it gets.

How many users can we have with one API key?

Unlimited. As our business model for the White-label editor is based on Document generation (Image, PDF, etc..), it does not matter how many users you have, the editor can be opened for example, 25.000 times by the same users or one time by 25.000 different users, it won’t impact the pricing.

Is the White-label editor compatible with no-code CMS platform such as Wordpress, weebly, etc? Are API compatible with my website?

Our API relies on web standards (HTTP, rest, iframe) compatible with any web platform (Wordpress, WooCommerce and other CMS platform). In fact, the complexity of your integration will depend of your project requirements.

For example, the simplest “light” integration does not require any code (With this “light” integration, you can embed the editor and let your users download their designs directly from the editor.). If you want a more in dept integration and push in real time graphics edited by your users to your server endpoint (to ask for payment for example), developments will be required on your end.

Do I need a developer to use the API plan or is it compatible with no-code tool?

For the White-label editor, we offer a light no-code option. More in dept integration will required some code (see previous question).

Our online documentation provides code snippets in Javascript, Python and Curl to ease the development process.

Is Pixelixe working on mobile devices?

Not yet, this is definitely in our roadmap and we are excited to work on a mobile version.

Is it possible to translate the white-label editor in a foreign language?

Yes, the editor is already available in English, French and Portuguese. If you want to translate it in another language, you just have to contact us and we will help you setting up your account.

Then, you will be able to easily choose the language of your choice programmatically if you have a multi-language website.

Can we add more fonts than the ones already available into the White-label editor?

No, not possible yet but this is included in our roadmap and will be available soon.

Can I cancel any time?

On our monthly plan, you can cancel at any time! No long-term commitments there. On our yearly plan, you get a great discount for paying for the full year up front. Apart from this full year up front, you can cancel at any time as well.

Are all of your photos and graphics completely free?

Yes, completely! All photos provided by Pixelixe can be used for free. You can use them for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer or Unsplash, although it is appreciated when possible.

Can I use my own company logos and graphics?

Of course! You can upload all of your own photos and graphics into our Studio and keep your branding intact.

Can I use my own custom image dimensions?

Yes you can! In addition to providing popular presets, Pixelixe allows you to create images with custom sized dimensions thus giving you endless possibilities for creating graphics.

Do I need to install anything to run Pixelixe ?

Nothing! Pixelixe is accessible from any modern web browser. Born and raised into the cloud with just an internet connection.