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3 steps to create the perfect Twitter post


Choose dimension

Preset or custom

Click on Twitter post to get started quickly. You will notice we also provide other dimensions for social media, display ads, blogs and webpages.


Pick a template

Twitter post & headers, banners, etc..

Choose one of our unique Twitter post templates or start from a blank document. Even if you don't know anything about design, you will be amazed by the usability of Pixelixe Studio.


Tune and download

Unlimited free download of your graphics

Drag and drop, adapt your content and fine-tune whatever you want before downloading your Twitter ready post in one click. 100% free and unlimited.

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Tutorial : How to create an image for Twitter posts

1 Choose a template or start from scratch

Start by opening Pixelixe Studio and a list of predefined formats will appear. Click on "Twitter Post" to start with the official Twitter post dimensions. Then, you will be asked to select your favorite template from the presets available or you can also start from scratch to unleash your inner creative.

Once you chose, either choose to upload one of your images or choose among a collection of 850,000+ stock images (high resolution), and available directly inside Pixelixe Studio.

If you want to upload your own image, click on "Background" from the left menu to make the background panel appear. There, you will find other 3 subtabs ("Images", "Upload Yours" and "Color"). The "Upload yours" subtab will let you drag & drop your image/snapshot. Click on "Upload Yours" and drag & drop your image from your local computer directly into the "Drop image here" box.

Once dropped, your image will instantly be displayed on your canvas.

Twitter post

Twitter post templates

2 Edit and enrich your post

Then add, subtract, and modify text, graphics, and shapes until your twitter post is exactly what you envisioned.

Pixelixe Studio provides a rich caption editor to enrich your Twitter post. You can easily adjust font size, caption color, opacity, font family (among a variety of thousands of fonts), line height, letter spacing, shadow and more..

You can also add other images, shapes and more.

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3 Download

Nothing more simple to download your creation. Click on the blue "Download" button from the bottom center toolbar. You will instantly see a popup with title "Download your creation" with a few option to let you download PNG or JPEG (HTML restricted to PRO subscriber). Choose one download option and your graphic will be downloaded.

Download image PNG or JPEG

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What is the right Twitter post dimensions ?

Optimize your Twitter post image with these dimensions: 1024 pixels wide by 512 pixels tall. A ratio of 2:1 is ideal as it’s used most often on mobile phone.

Twitter posts are available as a preset in Pixelixe Studio. A single click creates a canvas suited for Twitter image design. You can be sure that every image for your Twitter followers will display perfectly the first time.

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Pixelixe Studio will always let you (for free) create and download graphics and images and use them without any limitation. Our Studio has been designed to be ridiculously easy to use and the perfect utility tool for small businesses, marketers, bloggers with no design background.

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