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White Label + NoCode

As you can see below, no coding is required to fully customize your graphic design tool. Once customized, you just have to insert an IFRAME into your website (Compatible with Bubble, WIX, Wordpress and other CMS platforms). The design tool works on desktop and mobile devices. You can also create and offer custom templates to your users.

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Several ways to get your users started
with the white label editor

NoCode Demo below: All those options does not require any lines of code to be integrated into your website

Upload an image/ photo option


Choose among custom templates option


Create blank document option


Edit a specific document option


Several ways to get designs created by your users
Create a user experience seemlessly integrated

Remain in full control over the user experience and your integration workflow:
  • NoCode option 1: your users download their creations directly from the editor.

  • NoCode option 2: the editor send the edited documents into your email INBOX in real time.
    Ideal to start a Zapier, Airtable or Integromat Workflow.

  • Option 3: the editor push the edited documents in real time on your server endpoint (WebHook). This option also work without code required with Bubble.io backend API workflow.

Either way, after editing, your users will be redirected on the page of your choice. You remain in full control over the user experience and your expected integration workflow.

Plugin image editor

Fully customizable white label editor

Choose your colors, your logo, your language, upload your font collections and create your own templates to match your brand identity. The white label editor is already available in French (fr), Dutch (nl), Turkish (tr), Portuguese (po), Italian (it) and English (en). Contact us if you need another translation.
Customizable photo editor
Feature marketplace

Tailor the editor to your needs

Disable features and hide menus and elements simply clicking on checkboxes. For developers, you can customize even more using custom CSS.
Rich caption editor online
Painless integration

Easy setup

Get started right away with our comprehensive set of resources and guides covering all major steps to integrate seamlessly.Compatible with the most used web browsers : Chrome, Internet Explorer 10+, Safari, Firefox.
Mobile photo editor
Mobile phone

Photo editor for mobile devices

Bring beautiful photo editing and graphic design features on mobile devices (iOS and Android). Customize the UI for the perfect creative experience across all platforms.

2 Million

Designs Created

+100 Million

Auto-Generated Images

How to embed a graphic editor and/or PDF editor into your website ?


Customize your editor

100% matching your brand identity

Add your logo, choose your colors to match your brand identity. Use the exact toolset that your use case requires. 100% White label, exactly as if it was designed for your app


Iframe integration

One simple URL with your API Key

Create your account to get your unique API key. With this apiKey, you will be able to display our editor in your website using an HTML IFRAME.


Collect graphics

Download created documents

Once your users finish editing, our API will push in real time their creation on the URL of your choice. This way, your app keeps full control to offer a seamless user experience to your users.

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