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Generate stunning images in seconds from CSV files.

Pixelixe Studio, graphic creation tool and image editor

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Product catalog automation
Marketing Automation
Personalize your banners to make them more appealing and relevant with personalized data based on user properties.

Generate endless image variations
API integration
Automate entirely your image creation workflow using our API

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Add text and images in a spreadsheet, then convert the spreadsheet into images in one click.

Discover the creative automation tool used by thousands of people
to generate images on the fly from a simple spreadsheet

3 steps to create stunning images
from raw data


Choose template

Preset or custom

First, create a template document drawing the layout of your expected banners or social media format. From Pixelixe Studio, you will find presets for the most used and successful social media platforms : Design templates easily with our easy to use drag and drop editor.


Fill in your spreadsheet (CSV)

Import CSV from Excel, Google Sheet or any tool

Our solution will auto generate CSV columns based on the template you selected. Any text and images can be changed automatically from the spreadsheet but also the style of expected images (colors, borders, font, etc..).


Run automation

Your spreadsheet will be processed in no time

As soon as you click on the "Run Automation" button, your spreadsheet will be processed by our servers. Depending on the number of lines (images) and complexity of the template, processing can take several minutes. You will receive an email with a direct link to the generated images as soon as your creative content is ready.

2 Million

Designs Created

+100 Million

Auto-Generated Images
PIXELIXE API for developers

Build awesome products right away :

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