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How to create a social media graphic in 3 steps ?


Choose dimension

Preset or custom

From Pixelixe Studio, you will find presets for the most used and successful social media platforms : To Design Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Instagram posts, LinkedIn posts and Youtube thumbnails, etc. Click on your favorite to get started. You will notice we also provide other dimensions for social media, display and ad banners or you can choose your custom dimension if you want to.


Pick a template

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platform, etc..

Our editor have been designed and built for non technical people. It is easier to use than Photoshop and you will be able to customize your Twitter post easily. Even if you don't know anything about design, you will be amazed by the usability of Pixelixe Studio. Add effects to your photo, add text, icons, shapes in a minute.


Tune and download

Unlimited free download of your graphics

Drag and drop, adapt your content and fine-tune whatever you want before downloading your social media image in one click. 100% free and unlimited.

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Start creating social media campaigns for your business and for free

If you’re launching a new business, a new startup or you own an existing company and would like to improve your social media strategy? Visual content can help you establish your online identity really quickly.

Nowadays, between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube, almost four billion people are active social media users. You can definitely emphasize your business by creating unique and engaging social media graphics.

Pixelixe’s social media studio can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. Test our free online graphic creation tool allowing you to create stunning graphics in just minutes!

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How to customize your social media graphics with Pixelixe Studio ?

Add images and icons

Choose from over thousands of icons and a collection of 2.000.000 free stock photos to enrich your social post. Then, edit the orientation, color, size, opacity and more (No graphic design skills required at all).

Add shapes

Add squares, rectangles, circles, lines, any shapes to prettify your graphic. Of course, resize, rotate, change colors and add rounded corners to get exactly what you envisioned at the beginning.

Add caption (choose fonts)

Choose from a collection of over 900 and more fonts. As people scroll their feeds on their favorite social media platforms, adding caption to images can be one of the best strategy to catch people's attention.

Change background images

Choose from 2.000.000+ of premium stock photos or upload your own images.

Change colors

Create on-brand social media images changes the color of icons, shapes, caption and images either in one click or by entering a hex code.

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What social media images can you create ?

We support a large variety of social media platform available on the market. Pixelixe Studio comes with preset sizes and pre-made templates for the most successful social media platforms and formats on the web and mobile :

Of course, you can also choose custom dimensions if you prefer. A single click creates a canvas suited for social media image design. You can be sure that every image for your social media campaigns will display perfectly the first time.

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Pixelixe Studio will always let you (for free) create and download graphics and images and use them without any limitation. Our Studio has been designed to be ridiculously easy to use and the perfect utility tool for small businesses, marketers, bloggers with no design background.

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