With PIXELIXE Studio you can crop images and photos from your browser in less than 2 minutes. You do not even need to create an account and it is free. Discover how below..

Crop an image or photo with Pixelixe Studio

How to crop an image
with PIXELIXE Studio


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To upload your image or photo, you just have to drag it from your computer and drop it in the box in Pixelixe Studio.


Crop your image

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Once you uploaded your image, a panel appeared on the right side of your screen with options to either center, crop or scale your background.. From there, cropping images is as easy as it looks. Check out our tutorial below, it is as simple as that.




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Tutorial : How to crop images

1 Upload your image

Start by opening Pixelixe Studio and choose a format among the list. Once you chose, the format popup will disappear and you will be at the heart of the studio. From the left menu, you will find four content options (Background, Shapes, Graphics and Texts). Click on "Background" to open the background panel. There, you will find other 3 subtabs ("Images", "Upload Yours" and "Color"). The "Upload yours" subtab will let you drag & drop your image from your computer to upload your own photo. Click on "Upload Yours" and drag & drop your image from your local computer to the "Drop image here" box.

Once dropped, you will see your image appears on the current document.

Upload your image
Crop an image or photo with Pixelixe Studio

2 Crop your image

As soon as you uploaded your image, a panel will appear on the right side of the studio. From this panel called "Center, Resize and Scale background", you can crop your image, first, by resizing to the perfect size that fits your need (choosing a new width and height : notice that you can choose to keep your existing width/height ratio when resizing, to do so, set the toggle button to "Yes").

Then, simply reajust the image position within your new dimension. Use both "center" sliders (Center vertically & horizontally) and use the "Scale" slider to zoom in or out the background image.

Crop a photo online

Crop an image

3 Download

Nothing more simple to download your cropped image or cropped photo. Click on the blue "Download" button from the bottom center toolbar. You will instantly see a popup with title "Download your creation" with a few option to let you download PNG, JPEG or HTML (HTML restricted to PRO subscriber). Click on one download option and the download will automatically start, generating the image and write it on your computer.

Download image PNG or JPEG

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