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Add logo to image or photo - Watermark creation

You can add a logo or any other image to a single photo in just 30 seconds. It is simple-to-use and of course free of charge. Just drag your photos into our online Studio "Graphics" or "Background" tabs ('Upload yours') section, place your logo wherever you want on top of your background image and this is it. Your original image will not be modified. You don't need to install any plugins to use it and the dowload button is available in the top right corner of your screen.

How to create a watermark?

Creating a Watermark simply consists in adding a logo to an Image


Upload your image

Or choose among our images

To upload your image or photo, you just have to drag it from your computer and drop it in the right box in Pixelixe Studio. If you want to upload your "Background" photo, simply hit the "Background" menu from the left panel and go the "Upload yours" subtab. Your image will automatically appear on the main canvas. Ready to be edited.


Add your logo

900 Fonts available

Then if you want to upload your logo, this time hit the "Graphics" menu from the left panel and go the "Upload yours" subtab. Drag & drop your logo from your computer to the drop box and once uploaded, just place it with your mouse and resize it to get the result you envisioned. No need to be an expert. Check out our tutorial below to discover how.




Download your creation in one click (free and unlimited). Choose between PNG or JPEG (Optimized for Retina display) with the free version of our photo editor. Get more options with our paid plans.

Add logo to photo

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Tutorial : How to add logo to image?

1 Upload your image

Start by opening Pixelixe Studio and simply drop your photo from your computer (or click on the "or click to browse" link located in the center of the "drop" area). Once your photo opens in the editor, you can change it anytime from the left menu of the studio.

To do so, you will find five menu items (Background, Effects, Shapes, Images and Text). Click on "Background" to open the background panel. There, you will find 3 subtabs ("Images", "Upload Yours" and "Color"). The "Upload yours" subtab will let you drag and drop another image from your computer. So, if you want to change the photo you already uploaded, click on "Upload Yours" and drag and drop your new image from your local computer to the "Drop image here" box.

Once dropped, you will see your new uploaded image appears on your canvas as shown on the picture.

Add logo to photo

Add logo to image

2 Add a logo

Once you uploaded your photo from your computer, click on the "Graphics" tab (Between 5 options : "Background", "Effects", "Shapes", "Graphics" and "Text"). Then click on the "Upload yours" subtab (From "Images", "Icons" and "Upload yours" ). The "Upload yours" subtab in the "Graphics" menu will let you drag & drop any image from your computer to paste as a collage on your canvas. Click on "Upload Yours" and drag & drop your image from your local computer to the "Drop image here" box. This is where you want to drop your logo to create your watermark.

Once dropped, you will see your logo appears on your canvas and you will be able to drag it and wherever you want.

N.B : You noticed the "Upload yours" subtab from the "Graphics" menu does not behave similarly than the "Upload yours" subtab from the "Background" menu, the former let you add photos and images as a collage on top of your canvas (those elements are then draggable and editable) meanwhile the latter let you define your background and main image.

Add logo to picture

3 Download

Nothing more simple to download your creation. Click on the blue "Download" button from the top right toolbar. You will instantly see a popup with the "Download your creation" headline and a few option to let you download PNG, JPEG or HTML (HTML restricted to PRO subscriber). Click on one option and the download will automatically start, generating the image and save the document on your computer.

Download image PNG or JPEG

Add logo to picture

No account required

Whether you want to add watermarks on your photos or simply want to produce visual assets to promote your brand, you are covered. Our studio has been designed for non-designers, no technical skills are required to use it. It is as easy as creating a slide with Powerpoint. Far more easy than Photoshop or other professional tools.

Tutorial : How to add logo to image in bulk?

Image Automation

Our Image Automation tools can help you to auto generate creatives based on your data. Any image or text from one of your Pixelixe design can be replaced automatically. This is ideal, for example, if you want to apply a watermark on a large volume of photos.
Several ways to use Image Generation from our platform:

Automation from API ...
Automation from Spreadsheet ...
Watermark Image Automation