Our mission :

"Make Design accessible" : Our dream is to make design accessible to all, (especially non-designers).

Pixelixe Products :

At the core of our products, you will benefit from a top of the art modern graphic & image creation tool, designed specifically for small businesses, startups, marketers, bloggers, available for all modern desktop browsers.

We added powerful Image Automation & Processing API to cover all your project's needs.

Why Pixelixe ?

Nowadays, visuals and images are everywhere. Each of us consumes hundreds of images every day without even noticing it : on billboards while driving, while walking in the street, in shops, scrolling on our smartphones, everywhere.

At Pixelixe, we believe our eyes are one of the best asset we have and we want to delight yours with stuning and beautiful images. Humans have the power and ability to see colors, shapes, perspectives and with that the imagination that let us magically create worlds oustide of what we see.

free graphic design tool


Beyond neutral Carbon footprint

1% Pledge to fight deforestation!

At Pixelixe, we want to contribute making our world a better place. Our target is not only to offset our carbon footprint compensating our own CO2 emissions, we want to go further and decided to invest 1% of our revenues to "Tree Planting".