How to auto generate ad banners from your product catalog and target your customers

Pixelixe is rolling out a fun and creative tool as part of its mission to make design accessible to all. The image generation API automates the development of various types of images like ad banners, social media graphics and all types of image based marketing content directly from apps, websites, and web apps. Users will be able to create ad banners directly from a product catalog and use them for leading targeted banner advertising campaigns.

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How to use Instagram like filters for your social media content

Filters are an excellent way of adding depth and quality to your content - images and videos for the Instagram viewer. Only high-quality and well-edited content performs well on Instagram. So, if you are looking to boost engagement or maintain good aesthetics for your account, filters can help you immensely. Instagram provides numerous such filters, however, sometimes you need extra help to bring finesse in your social media content.

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