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Every designer knows that having high-quality images available for content is crucial. Most web designers and content creators spend considerable time looking for the perfect images for their content. A wide range of high-quality stock photography is available online. The problem is that these images often cost a lot, which can be challenging for those with limited budgets (or no budget). But, many of these images are public domain, meaning they are not owned by anyone and can be used by anyone. Suppose you have picked up an image and want to use it later; you can store it in its cloud storage for free. However, after saving, you can find this image easily and quickly.

Indeed, when it comes to social media engagement, an eye-catching image is more effective than optimized or razor-sharp copy text. This is why you must look for high-quality, relevant images for your website content and marketing automation collateral.

To save time and work on your next design, we have listed our top 3 free stock image websites below, which can help you with all your image needs.

So without wasting time. Let’s dive in!


There are over 396 million stock images in Shutterstock’s database, and another 200 thousand are added weekly, making it the best stock photo site. With Shutterstock, you’ll find a vast collection of beautiful, high-quality, professionally-shot photos, vector graphics, videos, and music.

Suppose you have saved an image; you will find this image in its cloud storage.

This is an ideal option for enterprise-level graphic designers since its integration with Creative Cloud is similar to that of Adobe Stock. Rather than ten apps, it is available for only three.

However, the enterprise platform makes it an excellent choice for large companies.

Various purchase options are available, including subscriptions for images and videos, unlimited music downloads, mixed downloads, and editorial content packages.

If you buy images on subscription, they cost $0.22–$4.90, but on demand, they cost $9.16–$14.50. Plus, you get ten free images worth $29 if you sign up for a 30-day trial.

There are two types of royalty-free licenses offered by Shutterstock: Standard and Enhanced (extended).

The Standard License has a $10,000 indemnity. In contrast, the Other License has decently broad terms, so we had expected a higher indemnity for both. Shutterstock offers good customer support via live chat, email, and phone.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock offers high-quality royalty-free photos and excellent integration within the Creative Cloud, making it a top choice for graphic designers. The software is compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. It allows you to browse photos, videos, and other content without leaving the app.

By doing this, you only pay for the images you use in the final version of your project, regardless of how many you test. The feature alone saves you time and money. You can buy and find stock photos, videos, and other assets with cheap subscriptions or more flexible credits.

For example, if you have purchased an image, then you will find this image in your gallery. You can buy images for $0.26 to $9.99 monthly or annual subscriptions, which is slightly more expensive than Shutterstock. However, on-demand options are not only cheaper ($8.00-$9.99) but also more flexible.

Adobe offers a generous free trial that lets you download 10, 25, or 40 images. Your subscription determines how many free images you can download. In addition to its versatility and excellent licensing terms, Adobe Stock is one of two agencies (the other is Getty Images) that offer unlimited indemnity, one of the most important trust signals.

Design Wizard

Comparatively to Adobe Stock, design wizard offers an integrated collection of 110 million stock photos but is not an image agency. Hundreds of thousands of professional templates are available on the platform, and a drag-and-drop editor is easy to use.

A $9.99 monthly subscription gives you access to the entire platform, including 110+ million stock images, videos, and other assets. As well as the free trial, there’s a permanent free account that limits many of design wizard features but is great for testing.

Regardless of how similar design wizard is to Adobe apps (except for Adobe Express, which isn’t as good as design wizard editor), design wizard editor is much easier to use. Even more essential to some people is it’s much effortless licensing.

About a year ago, design wizard eliminated multiple licenses and now comes with a single license, automatically activated as soon as you add an element. Pro plans allow you to use unlimited assets.


Searching for the perfect image for your project can be time-consuming, energy-intensive, and expensive. Selecting the desired image is no doubt a tough job. However, we hope these sites will help you to find this image for your design without any problems!

If there is any problem regarding this topic, let us know in the comment section.

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