5 Tips on Bringing Your Digital Product Prototype to Market

Each year, millions of new mobile apps and web apps hit the market. If you are a digital product developer, you know how difficult it can be to bring a digital creation to life. In most cases, a new digital product will go through many incarnations before it is released for mass consumption. Developing a prototype of a digital product is the best way to get a feel for how it will look and function.

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How Students Can Create Content For Your ECommerce Website

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Unlike the eCommerce industry, content marketing is constantly evolving. The ideas and creations that people have used last years or months are not accurate currently. It has changed over time and according to its need. Basically, companies are looking for a better option for creating new content according to the audience’s requirements. And obviously, it is very tough to market the content as per the niche and other essentials.

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Quick Guide On Automating Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a booming business in the business world. In fact, according to Responsify, 58% of marketers have found some sort of success in achieving their marketing goals. As you can see, marketing is essential for businesses, since customers are a number one priority. When people buy something or choose a service, they do so in response to good marketing – If the marketing is good, and their feelings and buying habits are taken into account, then they’ll consider a product or service.

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5 Tips On Writing Eye-Catching But Not Clickbait Headlines For Facebook Posts

This woman drank green tea everyday for six months. What happened next will shock you.

We see obvious bait headlines like this everywhere we look - Facebook, Instagram, or even a random website. While this kind of sensationalistic headline might have caught our attention a few years ago, it seems to have lost its charm in today’s world. The truth is that clickbait headlines are a dying trend. The average user now sees through this tactic and will rather skip headlines that are desperately click-seeking than fall for them.

So, how can you prompt readers to click on your Facebook posts without clickbaiting? Let’s find it out.

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How SMM Automation Saves Marketers More Time For Creative Work (5 Ways)

The days when businesses worked based on gut feelings and trial methods are behind us as developers continue to create business software to automate as many processes as possible. McKinsey and Co. claim that 66% of businesses plan to automate processes to ease their work and assure more favorable and consistent results. Unsurprisingly, marketers are among the top benefactors of these tools.

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Automate image generation from your NoCode Bubble io app

If you are not a developer and have no technical skills, you may have heard about NoCode tools. The NoCode movement is particularly famous these days.

It is now possible for anyone to create apps and launch online businesses without writing a single line of code. Indeed it is no longer mandatory to find a technical cofounder (aka CTO) prior to launching a startup.

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