7 Ways AI Will Create More Graphic Design Jobs Than it Destroys

Just a few years back, if you asked anyone who an AI would replace, creative jobs would be near the bottom of the list. The first thing that people would assume is that the AI would take over repetitive mundane tasks, but these forecasters underestimated this technology’s potential.

It seems so scary to be in many creative fields nowadays since AI seems to become more and more capable by the hour. Still, there are a lot of predictions claiming that AI might actually end up creating more jobs than it destroys. Here’s how this could translate to the field of graphic design.

  1. Helping people who can’t work in teams

A lot of people love graphic design and even have the talent to do so; however, they’re not very good in teams, which serves as a bottleneck to their options within the industry. With the help of creative automation tools, they’ll be able to work independently without having to rely on others.

One thing that you may be concerned with is the surplus of content that will happen this way. After all, when each of these individuals replaces an entire team, there’ll be a huge influx of designs for use. The thing is that there’s never too much content. There are more and more people in the world, and they, on average, consume more online content (and graphic content, by extension) than ever before.

  1. New ways to make money

A lot of game developers start out on Patreon. They release an early version of their game, sometimes as early as v0.001 (even though the version number is arbitrary), and then update the game over years and years of development.

The main reason why many talented designers couldn’t capitalize on this is because they couldn’t code. The reason why coders never did this was because they couldn’t create graphic models. Now, with the AI to cover for your shortcomings and gaps.

In other words, it allows you to start your own IP and business without looking for a partner. It opens up so many lucrative creative venues that have to be explored.

  1. Amazing for the gig economy

In today’s world, there are more freelancers than ever before. While this type of employment was a rarity or a temporary solution in the past, we may be heading toward a future where this is a default model of employment.

For freelancers, an AI tool can provide assistance in creating some amazing examples of their work and enhancing their appeal to potential clients/employers. As we’ve already mentioned, the thirst for content is near-infinite; however, the competition is quite tough.

Also, keep in mind that the entire business world is using AI tools. Therefore, your competence with these tools might become your strongest recommendation, especially when looking for a job in app development companies.

Source: https://www.designrush.com/agency/mobile-app-design-development

  1. AI-based startups

We’ve already mentioned the fact that modern design combines humans and AI in order to provide a superior product. Well, this also means that this will lead to a great increase in the number of AI-based startups, each of which will have many positions that a graphic designer will be able to assume.

Sure, since AI provides automation, these startups won’t need as many designers, but, at the same time, there’s bound to be more of them. With smaller staff needs to run an effective business, more people will try their hand at entrepreneurship, which means that the number of jobs won’t really diminish.

Needless to say, this is incredibly important since it diversifies the number of options for anyone pursuing a graphic design career.

  1. Human-AI collaboration

In the past, a lot of people worried that technology would make humans obsolete. Automation and industrialization seemed like a way to run a lot of people out of work, but did the assembly line and steam engine ever replace manual laborers? Are there fewer manual laborers in the world today than before these inventions?

Moreover, did auto-play replace DJs? Jokes aside, there are so many tools and algorithms that can do the job of a DJ, but, in most cases, they’re just used by DJs to provide a much better experience for the event attendees.

Like always, a change requires an adjustment, but it’s almost certain that the future of graphics design lies in human-AI collaboration, not an independent AI activity. It also means that becoming an AI expert seems to be one of the most promising ideas for a young person looking to specialize.

  1. Generative AI for inspiration

With any creative job, inspiration is a huge problem. This is why having generative AI to give you some examples might save you so much time and frustration. Just think about it: you ask the client what they want, ask the AI to make something based on that description just to get an idea of what it should look like, and then do your take on it.

Some might call this cheating, but how is it different than looking up similar things online? The biggest similarity lies in the fact that this way, you get exactly what the client asked for. It’s much quicker and more accurate than your standard Google search.

  1. Expanding design possibilities

With the “assistance” of AI, smaller teams and even individual designers can undertake more clients and even take on more ambitious projects. With the help of AI design tools, we’re not just moving the limitation of what’s possible but also pushing the boundaries of what’s easy to achieve.

Naturally, this facility of production will increase standards and client requirements. The minimal quality requirements will drastically rise; however, they will be easily attainable. As a side-effect, the value of work done by designers might rise, as well.

This is the figure of graphics design, and through the help of AI exploration and assistance, there are a lot of design concepts that will have to be reinvented in order to fit this new world.

Wrap up

Ultimately, this is a new tool, and every tool needs to be used or, at least, supervised by a human. With more work done by these tools, more supervisors will be required. A fear that automation will run humans out of work is hardly anything new; it’s just that the AI is the new scapegoat of this fearmongering.

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