4 Designer Jobs You Don’t Need Painting Skills For

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Let’s face it. Not all creatives can paint, sketch, and draw well. Maybe, a creative is great at creating concepts and visuals but isn’t really a young Picasso with the canvas. Some creatives are meant to work with the computer.

Various software lets creatives automate many things that would have needed to be sketched out before the Internet. Pixelixe for example, offers creative automation features to let you scale your work. We’re not here to judge. We’re here to encourage our readers to be true to their dreams and honor their creative side. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of designer jobs without the need for a brush or a pencil. Ready to dive in?

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Graphic Designer

First on our list of creative jobs that don’t need you to be Picasso on the brush is graphic design. Graphic designers use computers and software to create art through technology. And, sure, while having painting skills might actually benefit this type of job very well, aspirants don’t need these skills to start on this path.

Graphic design puts more emphasis on designing and creating with online tools, so congratulations, you’ve found a shortcut. But honestly, any craft worth doing will take effort and consistency, so don’t take this as a sign to slack off if you’re seriously thinking about mastering something.

On that note, many types of jobs belong to the field of graphic design; it’s not exclusive to one particular form of online art. Here are two prominent examples.

  • Photo editor. This one’s self-explanatory. This job requires a person to edit photos, be it with Adobe Photoshop or any other competing software in the market. The average salary is $16-17 per hour. Not bad, right?

  • Logo Designer. A logo designer creates eye-candy graphics and symbols for companies, products, brands, and services. Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be eye-candy, but the client needs to like it. The average salary is $17-18 per hour.

Web Designer

Another job that doesn’t require aspirants to whip out the brush set and learn their strokes is web design. Web designers basically manage and create the visual elements of websites. Layouts, background, themes, special features, etc., can all be assigned to a web designer.

Web designers need to know which aesthetics will fit the concept of the client’s website, like which font is the best - Comic Sans or Helvetica? Which color fits the client’s website? So, at the end of the day, it’s not just about the aesthetics; it’s about knowing what will match the concept requested and what will attract the target demographic.

Interested in web design? The average salary for this one is $17-18. It’s time to get creative. To become more qualified and be sure in your abilities you can take web design courses as well.

UX Designer

The job title is a little quirky, but we got your back. UX design focuses on the interaction between machines, products, websites, apps, etc., and humans. Representatives of this profession design the interface of products/websites/apps/etc., making sure it is optimal, easy-to-use, attractive, and caters to the human’s every need.

User experience is the word of the day. Being a UX designer actually requires employees to master various disciplines like marketing, psychology, technology, and design. But it’s a pretty interesting and challenging job. It may not be your cup of tea, though.

Anyway, it’s a creative job where an aspirant doesn’t need to paint. Are you tech-savvy and a follower of trends? Consider becoming a UX designer. The average salary estimate is between $30-50.

Game Designer

Game design can refer to video games or mobile games. It’s synonymous with game development. Game designers are an impressive bunch. They’re a cross of an artist, a writer, and a programmer. It’s because it’s not just a coding job, and it’s not just a creative job either. It’s the best of both worlds. So, yeah, aspirants don’t need to be Van Gogh or Michaelangelo with the brush, but more like an Elon Musk/Grimes combo.

Game design means creating intriguing stories that catch users, game characters, settings, etc. The professionals have to breathe life into the concept of the game. It’s not a walk in the park. It’s multidisciplinary and challenging. On top of that, almost everything that a user can find in a game was the result of the work and choice of designers.

We have to admit this is a fun and fulfilling job, though, since many people enjoy it. The starting salary is $22-23 dollars per hour. And that’s just the entry-level salary. Now imagine your opportunities in this field.


If you’re interested in becoming a designer without having painting skills, you know your options are not that limited. We hope this article gave you some ideas on how to plan your future career as a designer. Indeed, you don’t have to give up your dream of becoming a professional creative if you don’t have painting skills.

Design doesn’t only include the classic fields like fashion, interior decorating, architecture, or any job that involves a pen, paper, canvas, and brush. Design encompasses both the offline and online world. In 2021, many creatives will find job positions they can do online.

Sometimes, employers are often looking for remote workers or freelancers. So, consider the job ideas we recommended. Maybe, one of them suits your fancies?

Of course, the choice is not only exclusive to the ones on our list; there are many job positions that need creatives. You just need to dedicate some time and effort to search for the right fit. Go online today, and make those dreams come true.

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