Six Amazing Tools for Agencies You Must Know About

Running a digital agency can be no less than a challenge. One juggles between projects, tasks, time, and clients altogether to make things work effectively. An outsider may think it is not that hard of a job, but living the life of managing a digital agency can make you realize otherwise.

Most of the work done by agencies comes with deadlines along with a list of requirements. In such challenging circumstances, managers look for all possible ways to stay organized and streamline their processes to grow effectively in a competitive environment.

The right tools have made life so much easier for agencies. Here are some of the best tools you can use to boost the productivity of your agency.

1. SEOptimer for SEO

In today’s technology-driven world, it can be hard to consider making your business stand out without SEO. Tools such as SEOptimer are effective and user-friendly SEO auditing and reporting tool sets that audit a website to help businesses and agencies improve their search rankings and monitor them with an agency rank tracker.

Businesses worldwide use this tool to identify problems that could be holding your website back from achieving its full potential. With high-level technical SEO action points, it can help you cater to the back-end technicalities of your website to ensure higher rankings.

Once your business ranks higher in the search results for customers, your business can flourish more effectively than ever. More traffic on your website means more business. Hence, it is safe to say that the return on investment (ROI) of using SEO tools for your business looks promising.

2. Mailchimp for Emails

The power of personal touch for the customer cannot be undermined. Looking at strong turnover rates from email marketing campaigns, more and more businesses are eager to create an effective email marketing campaign.

It can be a challenge to manage your email campaign and keep clients, customers, and partners engaged. Of course, no business has the time or resources to spare a team for this purpose. Hence, businesses are always looking for ways to run their email campaigns in the most effective ways.

In order to streamline the process of email marketing, you can use tools such as Mailchimp to reach your business goals. It offers a variety of designs, management options, and data analysis facilities to create a unique experience for every receiver. You can discover the options that suit your brand theme and tone the best to reaffirm your business’s brand identity.

3. Pixelixe for Design

Businesses cannot undermine the importance of visual content. The visual aspect of the content is the first thing that lures a reader to learn more. You cannot expect to engage your target audience with dull color and bland designs. A splash of color can make the change you need.

After all, you can agree that the look of an email filled with paragraphs of text can instantly overwhelm the viewers and make them close it. You must look for ways that make them stay for a bit longer and show interest in what you have to offer.

Globally recognized tools such as Pixelixe make it possible for businesses of all scales to create eye-catching designs and play with colors, images, and text. These tools are easy to use. Hence, anyone, even with basic experience and a knack for creativity, can create beautiful designs.

Every choice that you make to come up with a design for your business must be made while keeping brand identity in mind. Once you finalize the basics, you can play around with different colors and styles. This way, businesses can create consistent designs to align with their brand identity.

4. ExpressVPN for Security

Every bit of your business data is important. From the files you share with your remote employees to the networks that you connect to, one careless move in your everyday routine can put your business data and privacy at risk. Such risks make it necessary for businesses to have a secure VPN connection.

Reliable tools such as ExpressVPN make it easier for businesses to create a single secure network between multiple locations. Express VPN gives you an extra sense of security by not collecting any activity logs or connection data from their users.

In addition to using a VPN for your benefit, you must also train your employees to do the same. Studies suggest that most security threats faced by businesses of different scales happen due to the negligence of employees. Hence, it is safe to say that spending time and energy on training your employees can be a great idea to secure your business in the long run.

5. Asana for Project Management

Agencies understand the importance of deadlines and meeting the needs of their clients. Of course, the best way to streamline processes is to stay organized. Many applications can help you improve on this aspect by keeping projects organized and helping you meet deadlines.

A business that does not adhere to important promises, such as keeping up with deadlines, may never be trusted by its customers, partners, and potential clients. Hence, it is best to struggle towards achieving progress in any possible aspect of your business.

Tools such as Asana are available for use on the web and through mobile applications. It helps you see a project’s progress and track individual tasks to divide and monitor your work to meet deadlines. This way, you never have to fear missing a deadline again.

6. Proposify for Sales

Every business wants to boost its sales. They use several mediums, such as digital proposals, contracts, and agreements, to make their strategies more effective. While sending these is an easy process, you may face trouble in creating, sending, and tracking the progress of your proposals.

If your business is also being affected in this aspect, you may want to consider using Proposify. This application gives users access to multiple templates and other features for businesses to connect with their clients and make a statement.

Bonus Tool: ProofHub for Team Collaboration

For an agency to operate smoothly and efficiently, everyone must be on the same page - be it teams or clients. That is possible only when there is a continuous flow of efficient collaboration across the agency domains. Why? Because the practice enhances workplace efficiency, improves work quality, and enhances client satisfaction.

And you can achieve that all just by joining hands with ProofHub - a project management and team collaboration software. It not only offers built-in chat to send and receive messages in real-time but also provides various other robust features like discussions, online proofing, notes, etc. to strengthen your collaboration capabilities. Users can also use @mentions to comment on tasks to ask for status updates, share feedback, or grab someone’s attention.

From centralized task management to powerful customizing workflows, ProofHub has all that you need to streamline your operations. It eliminates the hassle of juggling multiple apps together by bringing everything under one roof. Also, its flat (no-per-user) fee pricing structure is a great advantage for agencies with multiple teams onboard.

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