API Documentation

Grayscale Image API Documentation

Manipulate and transform images and photos in real time with our easy to use APIs.

Introduction :
Convert your photos and images "Grayscale" on the fly. JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF or GIF

Example :

Original image :
Grayscale image :

The API parameters

GET https://studio.pixelixe.com/api/grayscale/v1

Parameter Type # Description
apiKey string Required The API Key is the only way to authenticate your application with Pixelixe API. A unique API key is provided after you signup to our API plan.

Ex : ppvkwgDgNRbMbYlCgaM3UyDFPP12
imageUrl string Required Set the url of the image you want to convert in grayscale. (Supported type : jpeg, png, bmp, tiff and gif)

Advice: Use encodeURI when passing the imageUrl as an API parameter.
Ex : https://yourwebsite/yourimage.png
will become
imageType string Optional Set the image type expected as output of the API between, png, jpeg or bmp. (png by default).

The API output

The API will directly return the grayscale image buffer.

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