API Documentation

Automated Image Generation API

Pixelixe APIs enables you to auto-generate images such as social media visuals, ecommerce banners and more with a simple API.

The API parameters

POST https://studio.pixelixe.com/api/graphic/automation/v1

Parameter Type # Description
json string Required The json parameter must include the name of your graphic template
you want to base your image generation on, your API key and an array of modifications
you want to apply to your graphic. Ex:
  "template_name": "Baby-shower",
  "api_key": "afvkwxFgNSReMbYoCvFi0UkMFPP1z", 
  "format": "html" // "image" by default.
  "base64": "true" // "false" by default. (Base64 encoding works only to encode the generated image (PNG), not working with the "format":"html" option  )
  "modifications": [
      "name": "background-image",
      "image_url": "https://pixelixe.com/img/bg-header.jpg",
      "width": "2000px",
      "height": "auto"
      "name": "text-0",
      "text": "testtest ",
      "color": "red",
      "font-size": "12px"
      "name": "icon-0",
      "color": "red",
      "name": "shape-0",
      "background-color": "red",
      "border-color": "red",
      "border-size": "12px",

The API output

The API will directly return the new generated image as buffer.

How to get started with the image generation API ?

1°) How to create templates (to later automate image generation based on them) ?

Any graphic created and saved with Pixelixe Studio can be used as a template to automate and industrialize image generation.

Once logged in into your Pixelixe account, click on the "Create new graphic" menu from the dropdown menu.

Image generation tool

You will automatically be redirected to our image and graphic studio. From there, create your first template choosing content from our collection of more than 2.000.000 professional photos, images, icons and font families.

N.B: Each time you add an element on your canvas, you can the name of your element at the top of the right side panel. This is useful to know what element you want to automate variation with the API.

Once you finish, click on the "Save" button from the top toolbar to save this template.

automatic image generation

2°) How to test image generation based on your template ?

Click on the "Saved files" menu from the dropdown menu to access the list of your saved graphics.

Graphic design automation

Move your mouse over a graphic and click on the button corresponding to the following tooltip "Automate image generation based on this model".

A pop up will open and display the JSON document required to send modifications demand to the API. You can tune the modifications section of the JSON directly into the popup to generate variations of your image.

Generate automatic image variations

Once you are happy with your template, you are free to duplicate this JSON document to ease your API integration process.