7 Powerful Photography Marketing Ideas to Get More Clients

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have or what marketing strategy you have. A key success component is the ability to convey information visually effectively. First and foremost, contemporary marketers rely on visual material to spread the word about their brand. To stand out from the vast array of competitors, you need to express the style and voice of the brand in photography.

Let’s first look at the statistics:

  • On average, articles with relevant photos get 94% more views than articles without photos.

  • A photo press release gets approximately 15% more online views than a regular text press release.

  • 60% of consumers who use Internet searches admit that they prefer to contact companies that include photos in their descriptions.

  • Nearly 70% of online retailers say the product image plays an important role in purchasing decisions.

Source: MDG Advertising Infographic

To sum up: your clients (like clients all over the world) are very receptive and impressionable. We crave pictures. We need fast information, and as soon as possible. Is it possible to find a medium that will convey your message better and faster than photography?

However, the whole purpose of marketing is to express your worth to prospective clients. As an example, let’s look at these two pictures.

In the first photo, we see a dish on a white background, and we can only assume that the dish is delicious. Despite the fact that this shot simply has an impeccable composition, it clearly lacks something. But with just one look at the second photo, I immediately want to try this delicious pasta.

The photo shows each individual ingredient, it has an excellent composition, and competent lighting does not distract from the main thing. The presentation itself already makes me believe that this pasta is just waiting to be eaten. And if I had to choose, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second. It is immediately clear that most likely, the service for photographers was used for this photo, where high-quality photo retouching was done.

Modern marketing is somewhat reminiscent of a large kitchen. How well your photos convey the essence of your business will decide whether your customers want to stay with you or prefer to go to a company with better visuals.

From my own experience, I know that many marketers use the services of various photo studios such as Pixelixe Studio. Pixelixe Studio offers its clients an excellent graphic creation tool mostly used to create social media content and automate content creation in bulk.

Today we will try to show you what huge role photography plays in your business and what photography marketing ideas you can use to get more clients.

Here is a list of reasons why photography plays a key role in modern marketing. We also want you to consider some photography marketing ideas.

What role does photography play in marketing? List of photography marketing ideas

Attracts attention

A single photo won’t do it, of course, but a carefully curated, periodically updated collection that keeps your audience engaged is more likely to get people involved in your cause. The marketer should do everything in his power to get attention and keep it. This does not mean that you need to use only effective, dramatic shots constantly. In fact, sometimes, the subtle beauty in the frame can make a more powerful impression.

Conclusion: it is the general aesthetics that can bring you new clients. You need to find some eye-catching features, your advantage, and support them everywhere – both on your sites and on social media channels.

Establishes a non-verbal connection

Every company wants to stand out and be remembered by its clients. If clients associate you with certain symbols or even photography styles, that’s already an achievement. Consider that most of our communication is non-verbal. Therefore, the mission of any marketer is to include visual elements and accompany them with high-quality text. If you want to interest the audience, you cannot do without professional photography.

Improves brand reputation

Maybe you haven’t thought about it yet, but a consistently high level of photography really helps build trust in your brand. It tells clients that you care even about the little things, have a good aesthetic, and generally have a strong brand since you are so attentive to the graphics you post.

Encourages to action

You have probably caught yourself more than once clicking on sponsored content because of a picture you like. This principle works on many platforms. You have a winning combination if you have an enticing photo and a clear CTA. Most internet users will respond to a call with action only if the call is backed up by visual content rather than pure text.

Gains trust

The key word here is consistency. It’s not enough to have a few great pictures. You need to keep them coming and strive for consistency in your visuals across all your social media channels and other online platforms. People form opinions very quickly, so having professional photos that put your case in context will help build trust. They will want to see more, follow you, or look at your services or products if they appreciate what you share.

Has viral potential

If people see something that grabs them, they become interested in you and your business and share this interest with others. If the post is actively shared in the online community and social networks, you can expect a significant jump in the number of visitors. More visitors means more potential clients. If you have already developed a unified approach, you just have to continue to build customer loyalty and trust.

Evokes emotions

Often it is emotions that become the reason for making a purchase decision. And the reaction of buyers to the call of the picture is an essential factor in marketing. Captivating photos, along with the rest of the types of photos we talked about in the above article, evoke an emotional response. Choose your photos, keeping the end result and your target audience in mind.


It all boils down to sales growth. When you get organized and use high-quality, professional shots that are connected to each other, you immediately get an increase in sales. Successful photos help potential customers visualize your product or service in relation to themselves, and if they support your cause or are interested in what you have to offer, they will immediately want to make a purchase.

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