Content Strategy and Marketing Trends in 2022

A new year brings a new set of trends in content marketing. Many of these modifications are minor, while others may represent completely new approaches to attaining successful outcomes and reaching a larger portion of the target audience.

However, businesses faced new obstacles in the last year and a half and had to adapt or falter in their marketing strategies. The pandemic has dramatically impacted consumer behavior and information demands, propelling content marketing trends and opportunities to new heights.

When the world as we know it was shattered by the rise of internet commerce, many individuals turned to the brands they buy from for answers. Emerging trends have proven beneficial for many businesses and will continue to influence future trends, especially when it comes to your content in 2022.

Our author, Michelle Thomas, a content expert, has compiled the following content strategy and marketing trends for 2022 that brands can follow to achieve success. You can explore his other works here.

Strive to Enhance the Content Experience

The importance of a positive customer experience cannot be overstated in today’s digital marketing landscape. Consumer tastes shift with time, from the sort of content to the format in which it is presented.

Keeping up to date on what your target audience prefers and requires in terms of content is one method to improve the overall customer experience. Companies like can help you achieve it.

Marketing teams will have to devote more time to studying, developing, and implementing this new unified content experience for their target audience, which will most likely incorporate other trends on this list as well.

So, in a nutshell, this trend asks you to become a part of your customers’ world by delivering consistent, compelling content across the spectrum and increasing customer loyalty and brand image in the process.

The Use of Interactive Content Is on the Rise

When it comes to improving the customer’s content experience, nothing beats interactive content. Interactive content over static content enhances the audience’s experience by capturing their attention and keeping them on the website for longer periods. There will be a steady rise in the use of interactive content in 2022.

The creation of interactive information that can be used at every stage of the buyer’s journey is also on the rise. On different social media platforms, polls and interactive quizzes are already popular. These tools are not only entertaining for users, but they also give you valuable information about your future consumers.

In 2022, dynamic content creation has enormous potential for engaging clients, capturing their attention, keeping them on your website longer, influencing brand preference, and ultimately increasing conversion rates.

A Shift in Towards Empathy Content Marketing

Marketers have been compelled to rethink their content marketing strategies in light of recent global events, putting customers at the heart of their efforts and expanding outward from there. Empathetic marketing is rising, and you can expect to see more of it in 2022.

Empathetic content marketing makes brands see the world through the eyes of their customers and then develop a content strategy to satisfy their requirements and desires.

To begin, brands examine their target audience and respond to the following questions:

  1. Who are our clients?

  2. What problems and obstacles do they have to deal with?

  3. What is it that drives people to act?

You may create helpful content that elicits related feelings in your customers once you’ve answered these questions. As a result, trust can be built, strong customer experiences can be created, and more authentic connections.

Continued Video Marketing

When it comes to popular and successful online content, video has risen to the top in the last two years. This isn’t going to change in the year 2022. Instead, the video will become much more significant, and one of the most difficult challenges will be to stand out in this lucrative marketing format.

When done properly, video builds a stronger connection and more easily attracts the attention of potential clients. It is becoming easier to incorporate video into a content marketing plan because of the increased availability of the appropriate equipment.

The Need for High-Quality, Relevant, and Trustworthy Content

Google guidelines, core updates, Page Experience, Web Vitals, and anti-spam activities raise the bar for content creators and marketers who want their work to be found in search. In 2022, marketers will focus on Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) as a motto for creating searchable content.

In SEO, the concept of “E-A-T” has always been a problem because it cannot be quantifiably measured. When it comes to content quality, it’s not just about the sort of content that matters; it’s about the quality of the content in general. Utilize a variety of media formats and interactive components to produce memorable experiences for your users.

Voice Search Content Optimization

Voice-enabled mobile technology like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant is gaining popularity among consumers, particularly younger generations. As a result, voice search is becoming increasingly common. Consumers will find it more convenient to find what they need by asking questions rather than typing in queries.

In 2022, voice search is predicted to grow. Because voice queries are in the form of questions rather than a conversational manner, they will impact your content as a whole.

Focusing on the question format and the customer’s objective is essential. While this may already be part of your current content marketing and SEO plan for text-based queries, additional development may be necessary.

rather than writing to keywords like “Best content distribution channels,” it’s now more important to write to questions like “Hey Google, what are the best content distribution channels?”

Marketers must now figure out how to incorporate this question into their content. Overall, marketers will need to experiment with the best methods to optimize their content for voice search without affecting how it ranks on SERPs for text inquiries.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly making its way into content marketing. Better marketing strategies, time and budget advantages, and improved customer results can all be achieved by integrating AI with human efforts.

In 2022, AI will be employed more, including for the following:

  • Pattern recognition and data analysis

  • Creating blog posts that are optimized

  • Strong plagiarism and grammatical checks

  • Integration of AI-powered chatbots

Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR)

In 2022, augmented reality will be a growing focus for content marketers since future technologies are no longer that far away. Although this trend is already gaining traction in brand and product marketing, marketers are still slow to adopt it due to the high costs.

Brands will experiment with Augmented Reality apps and find new methods to benefit their customers as the technology becomes more widely available and accessible. Today, getting brands noticed requires creating a new and exciting content experience, and augmented reality is one way to do so in 2022.


A well-planned content marketing strategy can help your company prosper in the face of the growing pandemic. Content marketing is rapidly evolving and will continue to gain momentum in 2022. Keeping an eye on their potential can have a big impact on how you communicate with your current and potential customers.

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