How to easily integrate and embed a photo and graphic editor into your website

Image Editor SDK plugin

Web development can be complicated. It is always difficult to ask ourselves whether we should build from scratch our next feature rather than finding an online provider and integrate a plugin or an already existing SDK.

Well, there are trends, right now, about the “NoCode” or “codeless” movement, it is now easier than ever to build an online product without code (or without almost no code).

If you want to keep your competitive advantage against your competitors, it is more reasonable to go for web integration rather than “from scratch” web development. It is simple, don’t bother reinventing the wheel.

As you know, at Pixelixe, we launched our graphic studio a year ago. Pixelixe Studio offers an image & graphic creation tool to create engaging graphics, and now PDF as well, and helps marketers, bloggers and small businesses promoting their services on all digital platforms (Social media, ads, blogs and more).

As more and more customers asked us for a plugin editor version or an sdk to integrate our powerful design studio into their website, we decided to rebuild our entire graphic and pdf editor tool towards that goal.

We are proud to announce that we made tremendous progress in that direction and that it is now feasible to embed our graphic, photo and pdf editor into any website through a simple API call. This photo editor plugin can be customized with your logo and your colors (white label).

You can also integrate your own image assets if you are not happy with the built-in 2.000.000 photos collection we provide.

We launched our first API version in January and we have already amazing stories about customers that integrated it successfully and managed to improve their product mashing up our technology and website with ours.

We also received a lot of feedback and we keep improving the plugin every single week.

So amazing for us to watch our customers really happy to not reinvent the wheel and we are happy to see them succeed thanks to our online editor.

With the embeddable design studio, you can receive in real time on your web server (HTML, PNG and PDF) graphics as soon as your visitors are done editing.

You can therefore completely manage the user experience and business logic behind the scene.

If you want to offer a web to print services online, letting your customers edit and order printed business cards or flyers, it is now easier than ever. If you want to integrate a social media images editor and push created graphics directly to social media accounts of your customer, you can now do it as well.

Our design studio is called a WYSIWYG editor (WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get).

As soon as you subscribe to our monthly API plan (no engagement, you can quit whenever you want), you will be able to access our online customization tool and publish your photo editor in a minute.

Visit our demo page to have a deeper look of our white label editor capacity :

N.B: Since 2020, we continued to improve our white label editor with NoCode in mind (Javascript or code are not required). It is now possible to customize even more your version of the editor. You can now disable features and decide to hide or show some menus. All of this without writing a single line of code.

Moreover, we improved the security distinguishing public and private API key support.

Finally, we simplified the way to offer custom templates to your customers. You can now create and display custom templates without writing a single line of code either.

To showcase, all of those amazing features: we released a new online demo on a dedicated website. Go check out our improved white label editor integration example here.

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