Edit any image browsing the web with Pixelixe Photo Editor Chrome extension

Pixelixe Graphic & Image Editor

Have you ever dreamed of browsing the web and be able to edit any image you see? From your browser and in one click? Well, we are glad to announce that we released our first Chrome extension to let anyone easily create graphics and enrich images from any image on the web.

This extension is called “Pixelixe Graphic and Image Editor“ and is already available in the Chrome Web Store.


As any extension, you can install it in one click, and then simply right-click on the image of your choice from your browser and select “Edit this image” from the context menu. That’s it! Easy, right?

For example, search in Google Images what you are looking for. I searched for “Wave” in the screenshot below and right-clicked on the image I chose to edit.

Then, I clicked on “Edit this image”:

Online image editor

And by magic, I can now edit this image in Pixelixe Studio instantly:

Graphic design tool

Also, something that might interest you is that you can now open images in Pixelixe Studio directly using the URL.

Ex: https://studio.pixelixe.com/#imageUrl=http://the-image-of-your-choice.png

Nice, isn’t it?

Of course, the plugin is 100% free and offers all features already available online with Pixelixe Studio (https://studio.pixelixe.com/).

For those of you who are not yet familiar with our graphic and photo editor. You will benefit from a searchable collection of 2.000.000 stunning photographer images, thousands of amazing fonts, and icons to enrich your images picked up from the web!
Keep in mind, that images chosen on the web might be copyrighted. It will be important for you to check whether you are authorized to reuse images.

With Pixelixe Studio, you can also drop your own images on top of it (photo collage) and edit and download them in another click.

We chose to develop our first plugin for Chrome browser because Chrome is the most used browser on the market and we noticed that most of our users were using this browser as well. We might also provide the same plugin for other browsers in the future, such as Mozilla Firefox and Safari. So, stay tuned!

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