How to Auto Generate Social Media Content with Pixelixe Image Generation API

It is now possible to automatically generate variations of images, on the fly, with Pixelixe Image Generation API. Whether you want to industrialize content for your social media or whether you simply want to better target your customers industrializing banners on your website.

Pixelixe APIs have you covered!

Until now, our flagship product, the powerful online graphic and image editor Pixelixe Studio has been used by thousands of people to create unique and stunning Social Media graphics and images but we recently drastically upgraded its capacity.

Indeed, almost all our customers requested a way to industrialize their best creations to easily create unlimited variations of images. Today, with Pixelixe, any created graphics or images can become a template to generate variations on the fly. For example, you can:

  • Change background images or colors

  • Change text, font-size, text colors

  • Change inner images as well

  • Change icons color

  • Change shape’s border

  • And a lot more

Let’s look at an example, with the image below:

The 4 graphics below have been generated based on the image above

Generating image variations can simply be done via our JSON API or directly from the Pixelixe back office. Indeed, from the “Saved Graphics” section of your back office, you can click on any image and you will see the screen below appear.

From there, you can edit the JSON document (that will be sent to our IMAGE GENERATION API) changing content, like the background image and text, etc…

As soon as you click on the “Send API Request” button, you will be able to instantly visualize the”before” and “after” images (The original image and its variation) and of course you will have the ability to download the generated image.

This feature is especially useful before deploying and automating API calls on your server or platform. This way, our back office will auto-generate the JSON image modifications document for each of your images. Basically, every text and image in a template becomes an object you can modify via API.


Automated Image Generation is now as easy as it should be. Image combinations and permutations are endless and you can save up to hours of design work in a few seconds.

You can design as many image templates as you want and automate the creation of unlimited variations of your images thanks to our image generation tool.

Pricing for the API plan starts at $39.99/month for up to 25.000 API calls each month. Give it a try, you won’t be dissapointed. Feel free to ask any question.

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