5 Tips On Writing Eye-Catching But Not Clickbait Headlines For Facebook Posts

This woman drank green tea everyday for six months. What happened next will shock you.

We see obvious bait headlines like this everywhere we look - Facebook, Instagram, or even a random website. While this kind of sensationalistic headline might have caught our attention a few years ago, it seems to have lost its charm in today’s world. The truth is that clickbait headlines are a dying trend. The average user now sees through this tactic and will rather skip headlines that are desperately click-seeking than fall for them.

So, how can you prompt readers to click on your Facebook posts without clickbaiting? Let’s find it out.

What Is a Clickbait Headline?

A clickbait headline is the one that relies heavily on false shock value. It promises readers a great story with an unimaginable twist that would blow their minds and send them right into space. Unfortunately, when readers fall for this promise, what they see is poorly-written content filled with numerous repetitions, no “twist”, and lots of ads.

Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Headlines

“53% of Brits feel underpaid. Calculate how much your CV is worth”.

This was the headline for Adzuna’s Facebook ad a few years ago. Although there was no shock value attached to this headline, it did numbers, and of course, almost everyone who saw the ad wanted to click on it to calculate their CV’s worth. This is a perfect example of an ad that’s enticing but not clickbait.

As a content marketer or essay writer, it can be tempting to resort to clickbait headlines. However, we can help you stop clickbait and create eye-catching headlines that will drive traffic and conversions.

Here are some tips that you’ll find helpful:

Use numbers

Over the years, several studies have shown that headlines containing numbers tend to generate more engagement and social shares. This is because the human brain tends to see numbers and figures as an interesting attraction. As such, integrating specific numbers into your headline or ad banners can guarantee more clicks.

It’s also important to note that using odd numbers like 5 or 7 can greatly boost click-through rates. But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s see what science has to say about this theory.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, odd numbers help people digest information more easily. Thus, they believe odd numbers rather than even ones. To back up this theory, CMI tweaked their headlines to include the number 7 and this increased their click-through rates by up to 20%.

Use catchy adjectives

Adjectives are more than just words that sound great in spoken communication; they’re also quite useful in written communication. Think of adjectives as the spice to your soul food. If you’re trying to make your headline seem juicy and eye-catching, you’ll need just the right amount of adjectives.

Such descriptive words can help to evoke the right emotions in your readers, keeping them engaged and interested in your content.

Here are some examples of adjectives you could integrate into your headline to spice it up:

  • Incredible

  • Fun

  • Great

  • Effective

For instance, the headline: “Ten Easy Ways to Get in Shape Before Summer” sounds so much better than “Ten Ways to Get in Shape Before Summer.”

The difference between these two headlines might just be one word, but the use of the adjective “easy” would make readers more eager to click on the first one. After all, everyone wants the easy way out.

Address readers personally

Addressing your readers personally is one of the best ways to catch their attention and keep them engaged. It’s a powerful technique that connects and captivates your readers on a personal level. When you use the pronoun “you” in a headline, it calls out to the reader and makes them feel like you created the content specifically for them. This explains why headlines that contain the word “you” often get the most engagement. Consider these two examples:

  1. How monthly income can be doubled with this hack.

  2. The secret Bill Gates doesn’t want you to know: double your monthly income with this ultimate hack

Which of these headlines sounds more personal and inviting? We’ll let you answer that.

Use secret headline formulas

There are several effective headline formulas that most experts swear by. If you’re trying to reach your audience without resorting to clickbait, these formulas will guarantee you powerful, traffic-driving headlines. Here are some of them:

The “Who Else Wants” formula

This is one of the most popular types of headlines commonly used by marketing experts like Neil Patel. It works because it asks a rhetorical question that resonates deeply with the target audience and makes them feel like you’re having a personal conversation with them. Some examples of this type of headline are:

  • Who else wants to grow their followers overnight?

  • Who else wants to drive crazy conversion rates?

If the answer to your “Who Else Wants” headline isn’t an “I do” or “heck yeah,” then you haven’t nailed this formula yet.

The “Little-Known Ways”

This is yet another type of headline that guarantees powerful results. It makes your readers feel like you’re letting them in on a secret that they’d never have known if they hadn’t stumbled upon your content.

A prime example of this type of headline is:

  • Five little-known ways to drive conversions without running ads

Don’t use clickbait phrases

If you’re trying not to create a bait post or headline, you’ll need to avoid certain phrases commonly used by clickbaiters. These include:

  • This will shock you

  • Find out what happened next

  • You won’t believe this

Remember, you’re trying to attract your readers, not lead them on. Don’t promise shock value when there’s nothing shock-worthy about your content. And even if there is, don’t promote the shock element in an obvious manner.

Final Thoughts

Clickbait headlines are everywhere today. To stand out from the crowd, you’ll need something more original and genuine than obvious baiting tactics. Fortunately, you can still engage your audience with eye-catching headlines without having to resort to clickbait.

Simply follow the tips outlined above and you’ll see results in no time at all. Good luck!

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