Top 10 Trends In Logo Design For 2024 - Expert Insights

New logo trends emerge every year, capturing the attention of design studios and designers who ensure they employ the most recent developments. There would be more quirky shapes and designs as the design industry strives to present the ideal logo with memorable, adaptable, and distinctive designs.

There may not be flat designs, minimalism, or sans-serif; the designs may incorporate interactive, animated, multi-dimensional, or other trendy elements to create a logo that grabs crowds’ attention and stands tall in the competition. BrandVillage logo design and their expert insights advocate a few of the best trends in logo design for 2024 through this guide.

Designers have had several chances to fully embrace their creativity in the last few years. As 2024 arrives, it is more evident that designers and design experts will likely have more original ideas and creative ways to implement established techniques for a very long time. The 2024 aesthetics will be primarily shaped by some of the best graphic design trends.

The year represents a significant shift in logo design, distinguished by a distinctive blend of contemporary and reminiscence. There’s a trend towards logos that blends striking visual choices with concise messaging, as intricate patterns make way for less complicated designs. Amidst these emerging trends, an online logo generator to stand out from the crowd is becoming an essential tool for designers seeking to merge modernity with nostalgia, offering a streamlined approach to crafting memorable logos that resonate in a busy marketplace.

Here, we have listed the top 10 trends in logo design for 2024 to 2024 to help you select the best design strategy for your business.

  1. Animation

Animation in logos uses motion to enhance the business’s essence and acknowledge the more prominent brand identity while drawing the target market’s attention. They become more captivating and eventually memorable due to their mobility.

The expressive capabilities of motion graphics, which designers use, breathe life into their logos. When employed effectively and efficiently, animated or motion logos possess a unique power to grab our interest and make a lasting impression on target audiences.

  1. 3D Shapes

Logos in 3D have a more contemporary appearance and more significant potential for interaction, such as the ability to move and appear on various platforms. If your logo incorporates dimensional features like 3D patterns, it will become more accurate, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting. More three-dimensional logos with textures, shadows, and depth will be seen.

  1. Freeform Elements

Many companies and teams have their brand or business name with freeform elements and hand-drawn logo features, which are noticeable since they are created quickly and without much fuss. You can anticipate seeing humorous logos and quickly produced cartoon figures in business branding and many logo designs with more freeform shapes.

  1. Bold Typography

Using bold and twisted typography in logo design is a calculated decision for firms looking to create an impact. This movement promotes letters as the primary characters in an organisation’s story, enabling users to interact with logos beyond simple reading. This trend demands attention and expresses confidence.

  1. Bright Colours

Businesses must demonstrate the highest level of colour competency to make saturated tones appear genuine on their digital platforms, websites, printed products, or social media accounts. Vibrant or bright colours are unpredictable and challenging to deal with. They catch lots of interest and create a big impression.

  1. Minimalism

In addition to guaranteeing mobile and digital media consistency, logo minimalism instils an impression of innovation and elegance that the target audience identifies with innovative firms. The backdrop of a logo, which is primarily white and empty, is known as the negative space of a logo. Designers will cleverly use the negative space to push minimalism to the next level.

  1. Pixel Art

Pixel art style is highly effective for organisations looking to convey an innovative and technologically dynamic personality while appealing to a demographic who grew up with pixelated images. Pixel art is returning in a novel and creative form for 2024 and is interestingly used to combine modern and nostalgic elements in designs and logos.

  1. Simplified Geometry

Logo designers produce timeless brand marks that withstand trends and the passage of time by emphasizing functionality and simplicity. Geometric logos are timeless because of their simplicity, which allows them to withstand changing design trends.

  1. Symbolism

A logo’s ability to be responsive is now considered standard, as evidenced by the way symbolism flows. Symbolism in brand logos will become more prevalent so that companies may be quickly and easily recognisable by their straightforward shape.

  1. Natural Textures And Patterns

Natural textures and patterns are currently popular in brand visual identities. Logos with a natural theme will become more popular. It will also continue in 2024 since consumers today are primarily drawn to sustainability.

You must use natural aspects in your logo, such as flowers, leaves, birds, trees, etc., if the sustainable approach is one of your brand’s goals.


A company’s logo is the foundation of its brand identification and is essential to the success of any service, product, or business. With an appropriate balance between clients’ finances and individuality, designers concentrate on producing enticing brand aspects. Customers will look for unique brand components that are both financially viable and enduring.

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