Strategies To Find The Right Marketing Employee For Your Business

Marketing is the backbone of a company, and a good marketing strategy is imperative for bringing sales. For a flawless marketing strategy, you need a marketing person who is efficient and skilled. You might wonder how you can find the right marketing person, and for that reason, this post will equip you with valuable insights for a perfect hiring.

Why Is a Marketing Manager or Person Necessary?

Before giving the tips to hire the right marketing manager or person, let us tell you why you and your business need it.

Businesses that wish to market their products successfully must hire a digital marketing manager. These professionals are very critical in the placement of a product, defining customer segments who would be interested in purchasing it, and also creating an integrated marketing plan incorporating multiple channels. Marketing managers coordinate the implementation of marketing initiatives, cooperating with internal departments to guarantee a very successful rollout. They develop many effective strategies by evaluating customer insights, market trends, and also best practices. Also, marketing managers develop and manage analytics reporting; they analyze insights to inform future campaigns while conducting formal proposal recommendation patterns. Their role also involves collaborating with teams like the email team, performance marketing team, and web, among other partners, in developing lead nurturing techniques. It is hiring a good marketing manager who can address all the knots of modern marketing as it must be developed strategically to achieve successful promotional campaigns.

Tips To Hire A Marketing Person

1. Start by defining your marketing goals: What kind of profile and marketing skills do you require?

Marketing is a vast field. Actually, it is much wider than the thought of many startup CEOs or business owners. Specialty areas include diverse fields ranging from social media marketing to paid advertising, product marketing, and even communications (who knew!).

Due to the fact that only a few people are familiar with how broad and diverse this marketing field is, it creates a risk of hiring someone who may not have a suitable character to work in the business. Many organizations mitigate this sort of a risk by running pre-employment background checks. Common examples include a national police check, employment reference check, education verification or credit checks. In Australia, employers and decision makers have the option to run background checks using an employer police check portal to see if their applicants have any serious criminal convictions that may jeopardize the company or its clients.

The process of locating your first marketer begins with establishing the objectives for your business. This will be based on the type of business model you have and how fast your business can grow.

For instance, if your business pursues a product-led growth approach, we may consider PR and content as the primary drivers of that. Of course, you will require someone who has those particular skills. Or, if there is a sales-driven initiative in your organization, the growth relies on hiring an editor to work with existing employees who are good at making interactional bonding content.

Therefore, before hiring, you need to understand how your company will expand and match the marketer’s profile with your growth plan. This process will also let you answer the question of why ‘you are hiring now.’

2. Understanding Different Types of Marketing Profiles

a. Product Marketing

Product marketers are experts in the areas where product, sales, and marketing meet. Product positioning and messaging, competitor intelligence development as well as sales enablement materials production are all included in the product marketers’ responsibilities.

It is the best time to employ this breed of marketer when you already have your product steady and after bringing on board a person as manager. Product marketers are a good match for the first role of ‘the CMO’ when your product already has PMF and is showing signs that it will continue to be very successful in terms of sustainable growth.

b. Performance Marketing

A performance marketer specializes in enhancing the efficiency of digital marketing activities, including PPC and Google Ads, newsletter sponsorship, and native ads.

When should we hire a performance marketer? When you obviously know that your product is in demand, and it’s not just the CEO who says so when he has already chosen an ideal customer. Since paid media is becoming more and more expensive, it’s best to have a marketing budget for those campaigns decided first before choosing whom you will hire, and if your spending limit isn’t high enough, then consider hiring either a freelance performance marketer or an agency with lower costs.

The greatest impacts will be made by digital marketers designing successful methods of measuring and also improving the performance of their campaigns. They are usually very analytical, with a good knowledge of numbers, Google Analytics, and also keyword research.

c. Communications

What comprises the communications side of marketing is public relations and media inquiries, internal communication, content marketing, and your community or influencer network.

If you manage to get the product, brand, and performance marketers on your side, then it would be a good idea for the next step of getting hold of a communications person, too.

Brand positioning, social media, influencer marketing, and internal messaging, such as celebrating a company event or news release management, are all strengths of this ad. You will find that this group strengthens the business.

d. Brand or creative marketing

The brand marketer is a person who develops your story and also your voice. They ensure that every brand decision takes them one step closer to increased sales by first establishing a comprehensive brand marketing strategy. Their role also spans many aspects of marketing, such as content, social, design, and research.

When you know who your customers are and have an established product, you can begin to formulate a brand personality with the help of either creative or marketing professionals.

3. Evaluation

When recruiting a marketing manager, one of the most important things is to make sure that they have the skills that can be easily assimilated into your growing business. First and foremost, good writing skills allow him to generate interesting, concise texts suitable for distribution via multiple marketing channels. Understanding the competition, customer needs, and market dynamics requires good research skills. This calls for logical thinking and data-driven improvements, which highlight the analytical skills, but there is also an essentiality of communication with internal as well as with other external teams, so collaboration along with teamwork precisely matters. It is especially important to have a technical background, particularly in digital marketing.

Bonus Tip

In order to prevent such errors in recruitment issues concerning marketing, business proprietors are required to determine the key tasks that define their major priorities among the four types of marketing managers. It is vital to have clear business goals that are well-defined so as to save time in the hunt for a mythical all-rounder. Entering into particular marketing roles such as those mentioned above, performance marketing might need to be revised, performing beyond the current requirements of organizational projects. Moreover, failing to consider the fit for team dynamics may cause role seniority by overshooting more than is necessary; a clear illustration would be if he initially hired someone as a marketing manager instead of employing him as VP. Considering the organizational needs carefully helps in locating the proper marketing practitioner for a current stage of business development.


Marketing is the department that will build your brand’s image, and it will significantly contribute to the sales of your business. So, before hiring a marketing employee, remember to follow this guide and make your company a brand!

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