How to Create Banners that Stand Out in Marketing For Massive Visual Impact

There Is An Actual Reason McDonald's Logo Is Yellow And Red

A huge part of automation marketing is based on the visual content that you share. This can include advertisements, promotional banners, website visuals, and much more. These images attract new customers and provide information to existing customers.

This means that it is really important to create high-quality banners. For this, you have to be innovative and come up with designs that stand out from the visuals used by your competitors. In this way, you can catch the attention of a bigger audience.

In this article, we will show you innovative ways to create such banners. We will introduce some tools and techniques that you can use in this regard. All of it will be beginner-friendly so even if you don’t have high knowledge about graphic designing, you don’t have to worry.

Why are Banners Important?

For some further clarification, here are some points that elaborate on the importance of banners in marketing:

  • Images across multiple platforms can create a brand image for your business.

  • Your social media profiles are dependent on quality banners and other posts.

  • Banners provide higher engagement rates as compared to simple text.

  • Banners or visuals are easier to share so the information can reach a larger audience.

So, if you now understand the importance of visuals as a part of your marketing strategy, let’s discuss some techniques to make them unique.

How to Create Unique Banners?

In the following, we have shared some techniques and some tools to perform those techniques. We hope that this list helps you.

  1. Choose a Color Scheme

To stand out and have a distinguishing visual impact, you have to come up with an original color scheme. This color scheme should be constant throughout the different platforms where your business is done. For example, your website should be according to this scheme, and so do your ads, banners, and logo.

In this way, when people see those colors, your business will come to mind. A good example of this is McDonalds. Whenever we see a yellow-colored ‘M,’ we instantly know it is a McDonald’s. You can also create such a brand image for your business by choosing a unique color scheme and implementing it everywhere.

  1. Keep Designs Minimalistic

Overly crowded designs almost never work out. That’s why we suggest that you keep your designs minimalistic. Based on the nature of your business, choose a set of two or three colors that will be used in your background, text, and elements.

You don’t need to add extra items such as hashtags, additional images, links, etc. This will make your banner look unreadable and people will engage less with it. Similarly, if you use too many colors, it will get difficult to maintain them as brand colors.

  1. Use Stylish Text

The text of your banners is a huge factor in making it look unique. For this matter, you can use stylish text. Some people think that the font of text is the only customizable thing about it. However, that is not true. You can also use stylish text which looks something like this:

You might have gotten an idea of what we are talking about after looking at this image. But for more clarification, the stylish text is the text that has certain elements that make it look different from normal text. For example, you can reverse the text, make it bubble-like, give it a robotic look, and much more.

A hint of such text on your banners can make them look great. However, make sure you don’t overuse it because it can also make your banners seem confusing. This type of text should only be used to give a little personality to your banners.

  1. Design According to Your Target Audience

While making a banner or a visual, you need to keep the preferences of your audience in mind. For example, if your target audience includes teens, you might want to go for a raunchy and witty design. However, if you have to create a visual for an older age group, a more professional look will be better.

There are many factors other than age that should be used while designing your banners. Some of these are:

  • Geographic Location

  • Marital Status

  • Gender

  • Social Media Interests

If you keep such factors under consideration, you can get great results from your marketing visuals.


By now, we hope you understand the techniques of creating highly unique and impactful banners. Even if you are new to design, you can follow the steps given above to enhance the standard of your banners being used in the marketing campaign. Just make sure to bring out your creative side while making these banners.

There is no defined method for creating impactful designs. There are just a few tips and tricks for doing it. The real thing that matters in this is your creativity.

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