8 Tools to Help Maximize Exposure for Your Social Media Visuals

Creating visually appealing content for your brand’s social media handles is only half the battle. The real challenge lies in ensuring that these carefully crafted visuals reach the widest possible audience. Maximizing the exposure of your social media visuals is crucial, not just to justify the time, money, and effort invested in their creation, but also to amplify your message, enhance brand awareness, and drive engagement.

However, the social web is crowded with content, and standing out requires more than just creativity; it demands strategic visibility.

This is where the following eight tools can make a difference, helping drive more — and more relevant — attention from your intended audience. Let’s dive in.

1. AdEspresso

Depending on organic reach for your brand’s social posts won’t get you very far nowadays. By running smart ad campaigns, you can surface your content in front of more audience members at minimum costs.

AdEspresso is a dynamic tool designed to enhance multichannel social media advertising campaigns. It simplifies the process of booking, managing, and optimizing ads across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. AdEspresso’s focus is on maximizing the reach and efficiency of your social media visuals through advanced ad targeting and split testing.


Key Features

  • Multi-Platform Support: Integrates with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

  • Campaign Creation and Optimization: Streamlines the creation and optimization of ad campaigns.

  • A/B Testing: Offers extensive split testing capabilities to identify the most effective ad variations.

  • Actionable Insights: Provides insights in various formats, including Web, PDF, Email, and Excel.

  • Client Management: Facilitates easy access and management of client accounts.

  • Educational Resources: Offers resources to improve marketing skills and campaign effectiveness.


  • Comprehensive Platform Integration: Simplifies management of campaigns across multiple social media platforms.

  • Efficient Testing and Optimization: Enhances the performance of ad campaigns through detailed testing.

  • Client Collaboration: Streamlines client approval and collaboration processes.

  • Insightful Analytics: Delivers actionable data to inform marketing strategies.


  • Learning Curve: Some users may find the platform initially challenging to navigate.

  • Cost: Might be expensive for small businesses or individual users.


The Starter plan costs $49 per month and includes unlimited ad accounts (Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram campaigns) and all the essential features with a spending limit of $1000/month. The Plus plan costs $99 per month and includes additional features such as cross-campaigns customized performance triggers, Facebook and Instagram multi-page bulk creation, campaign approval, white label for reports, and up to 15 seats for your team. AdEspresso offers a free 14-day trial.

2. Curator

One of the best ways to draw eyeballs to your social media content is to create a feed where it aggregates to your web pages.

Curator.io is a versatile social media aggregator that enables the integration of various social media feeds into your website. It supports a range of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok. This tool lets you improve exposure for your top social media visuals by embedding them on your website.


Key Features

  • Support for Multiple Platforms: Works with various social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok.

  • Content Aggregation: Allows aggregation of posts from personal accounts or user-generated content.

  • Content Moderation: Automatically rejects duplicates and inappropriate posts.

  • Customization Options: Offers branding options like themes, feed styles, and custom CSS.

  • Advanced Analytics: Provides insights into audience engagement and post performance.

  • Website Embedding: Enables easy embedding of social feeds into websites.


  • Diverse Platform Compatibility: Aggregates content from a wide range of social media platforms.

  • Enhanced User Engagement: Increases website interactivity with dynamic social media content.

  • Customizable Appearance: Offers extensive customization to align with brand aesthetics.

  • Efficient Moderation Tools: Ensures content quality and relevance through automatic moderation.


  • Complex Setup for Beginners: May require a learning period for those new to social media aggregators.

  • Limited Free Version: While it offers a free version, advanced features might require a paid plan.


Curator offers a Free Forever plan with basic features and 2,000 views/month. The Professional plan costs $25 per month and includes 15,000 views/month, no “Powered by Curator” link, and the ability to edit and pin posts. At $59 per month, the Business plan includes unlimited views/month and API access.

Micro influencers are extremely impactful when it comes to content distribution on social media. They generally yield high engagement rates, thanks to their focused communities of followers.

Popular Pays is a comprehensive influencer marketplace and collaboration platform that enables brands to find the right creators and close deals with them to generate and promote content assets. This platform is ideal for brands looking to leverage influencer marketing at scale to promote their products and social media visuals.


Key Features

  • Extensive Network: Access to a database of over 100,000 influencers and content creators.

  • Diverse Content Creation: Supports a variety of content forms, including TV commercials, Pinterest Pins, TikTok ads, and more.

  • Collaboration Platform: Facilitates easy collaboration between brands and influencers.

  • Versatile Campaign Management: Offers a complete platform for managing multiple influencer campaigns simultaneously, tracking progress, and measuring impact.


  • Wide Range of Influencers: Suitable for diverse marketing campaigns.

  • Flexible Content Production: Offers versatility in the type of content that can be created.

  • Easy Collaboration: Simplifies the process of connecting with and hiring influencers — with aspects like discussions, contracts and payments taken care of.

  • High-Quality Content Creation: Influencers are vetted and have a track record of producing authentic and engaging content that resonates with audiences.

  • Scalable: Suitable for both small-scale creator collaborations and large, multi-influencer campaigns.


  • Overwhelming Options: The vast number of influencers and search filters may be daunting for some users.

  • Investment Required: Effective use of the platform may require a significant budget.


Popular Pays does not publicly list detailed pricing information on their website. You can schedule a free consultation to get a product walkthrough and a tailor-made solution based on your needs.

4. Quuu Promote

What if you could automatically push your visuals to the profiles of people known for sharing related content.

Quuu Promote is a content promotion tool that automates the sharing of your digital assets across social media platforms. It is designed to increase the reach and engagement of your content by getting it shared by real people with relevant audiences. This tool is particularly effective for enhancing the online visibility of your visual content and driving social backlinks, which can improve your domain rating and Google search ranking.


Key Features

  • Automated Content Sharing: Automates the promotion of content across social networks.

  • Real People Sharing: Ensures that your content is shared by actual individuals, not bots.

  • Social Backlink Generation: Helps in building social backlinks to improve domain ratings.

  • Targeted Audience Reach: Content is shared by users who have subscribed to relevant categories.


  • Efficiency in Promotion: Saves time in content distribution and promotion.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Drives genuine engagement from audiences interested in your content.

  • SEO Benefits: Contributes to a higher domain rating and better search engine rankings.

  • Audience Relevance: Connects your content with audiences that find it relevant and engaging.


  • Limited Control Over Sharing: Users have less control over who shares their content.

  • Dependence on Platform Users: Effectiveness relies on the active participation of Quuu users.


The Individual plan costs $50 per month and allows unlimited channels with up to ten promotions per month. The Agency plan costs $100 per month and allows up to 20 promotions per month..

5. BuzzSumo

By reaching out to the top influencers in your niche and building relationships with them, you can eventually ask them to share your visual content with their own followers.

BuzzSumo is a powerful tool designed to find and connect with influencers across various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. BuzzSumo facilitates researching the most influential voices in your field, keeping up with their content, and forming lasting partnerships for promotions.

BuzzSumo is also useful for connecting with journalists, and getting data on their social engagement and impact. Overall, it’s a great tool to cultivate relevant influencer relationships.


Key Features

  • Influencer Discovery: Identify influencers on major social media platforms.

  • Influencer Research: Learn the engagement metrics of the most influential people in your industry.

  • Content Tracking: Keep track of influencer content for potential collaboration.

  • Journalist Database: Access to a database of 700,000 journalists for media outreach.


  • Comprehensive Influencer Data: Offers extensive data on influencer impact and reach.

  • Media Outreach: Helps in finding and connecting with relevant journalists.

  • Effective Partnerships: Assists in selecting the best influencers for your campaigns.

  • Rich Research Tools: Provides tools to research and monitor influencer activities.


  • Information Overload: The vast amount of data available can be overwhelming.

  • Expensive: May be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses or individuals.


The Content Creation plan costs $199 per month and is suitable for individual marketers and small agencies. The PR & Comms plan costs $299 per month and gives access to the media database of journalists and outreach tools. The Suite plan is the most popular one, and it’s suitable for big marketing teams in large brands and agencies. BuzzSumo offers a 30-day free trial.

6. Best Hashtag

People often browse visual social platforms looking for content related to the topics they care about, regardless of who posted it. By using the right hashtags, you can maximize your content’s discoverability.

Best Hashtag is a tool specifically designed to identify trending and relevant hashtags for social media posts. By utilizing historical data, it calculates the best hashtags to increase the visibility and engagement of your content. This tool is particularly useful for ensuring that your Instagram posts are discoverable by a wider audience when they browse by hashtags.


Key Features

  • Hashtag Recommendation: Provides hashtag suggestions based on historical data.

  • Engagement Boost: Aims to increase likes, views, and comments through optimal hashtag use.

  • Trending Hashtag Identification: Helps in becoming part of trending conversations and growing your audience.


  • Increased Visibility: Boosts the chances of your content being discovered.

  • Audience Growth: Assists in building social followers and expanding your reach.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Can help increase likes and comments on posts.


  • Dependence on Algorithm Accuracy: The effectiveness of hashtags suggested is reliant on the algorithm’s accuracy.

  • Dynamic Hashtag Trends: Hashtag popularity changes rapidly, so continuous monitoring is needed.


Best-hashtags.com is a free tool.

7. Copy.ai

Sometimes, a great visual isn’t enough. On Instagram in particular, posting a compelling caption is often what makes the difference.

Copy.ai’s free AI Instagram Caption Generator is an AI-powered tool designed to create captivating captions for Instagram posts. By analyzing your images and considering current trends, it provides a selection of carefully curated captions that resonate with the essence of your social media visuals. This tool is ideal for individuals or brands seeking to enhance their Instagram posts with creative, trend-aligned captions without spending excessive time brainstorming.


Key Features

  • AI-Driven Captions: Generates captions using AI, tailored to the content of the image.

  • Trend Analysis: Considers current trends to ensure the captions are timely and engaging.

  • Customized Options: Offers a range of captions to choose from, providing flexibility and variety.


  • Time-Saving: Quickly generates captions, reducing the time spent on content creation.

  • Relevance: Ensures captions are aligned with current trends and the photo’s context.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Creative and relevant captions can increase post engagement.


  • AI Limitations: May not always capture the nuanced context or specifics of your desired brand voice.

  • Uniformity Risk: Popular AI-generated captions might be used by multiple users, reducing uniqueness.


Copy.ai’s Instagram Caption Generator Tool is free to use.

8. Podawaa

Social media newsfeed algorithms favor posts that see high engagement quickly. If you can get people to comment on and like your visuals as soon as they go up, then the newsfeed will be all the more likely to surface them for more of your followers.

Podawaa is a LinkedIn-focused tool designed to amplify the reach and engagement of your posts on the platform by allowing you to operate with engagement pods, micro communities of people who drive real engagement on each others’ posts. Podawaa stands out for its ability to personalize your audience with detailed criteria and automate engagement, making it an essential tool for enhancing LinkedIn marketing strategies.


Key Features

  • Qualified Engagement Generation: Increases the perceived value of your posts through qualified engagement.

  • Target Audience Definition: Allows for the specification of your target audience using various criteria.

  • Automated Comments and Likes: Automates engagement to replicate human behavior and increase post visibility.

  • Scheduling Capability: Enables the scheduling of posts and their corresponding engagement.

  • AI Algorithm: Utilizes machine learning to select relevant and comprehensive comments.


  • Enhanced Post Reach: Significantly increases the visibility of LinkedIn posts.

  • Audience Personalization: Offers the ability to tailor your audience for more relevant engagement.

  • Efficient Engagement Automation: Saves time and effort in managing LinkedIn interactions.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies the process of scheduling and automating posts.


  • Platform Specificity: Limited to LinkedIn, not versatile for other social media platforms.

  • Dependence on Algorithm Effectiveness: The tool’s efficacy is highly reliant on the effectiveness of its algorithm.


Podawaa offers a Freemium plan that allows users to request up to 100 credits per month for free. The Pro plan costs €9.99 per month per user (paid annually), and gives 500 credits. Podawaa is community-based, which means users earn 1 credit for every 3 likes posted and 2 credits for every comment posted. There’s a free trial that gives you access to all the paid features and the ability to request up to 500 likes.

Wrapping up

And that wraps up the list of eight great tools that’ll help you drive more eyeballs to your social media visuals. By utilizing these platforms, you can ensure that your visuals not only captivate but also connect with a broader audience, making every post count.

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