5 Tips to improve your Social Media Visual Strategy

Studies shown that 65% of us are visual learners and upto 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, so without a doubt people respond better to a great design and catchy images than the opposite. But, keep in mind that the average human attention span is of 8 seconds.

Here are key tips to quickly grow your audience and deliver perfect visuals and graphics for your social media posts.

Choose the right dimension for each social media

Avoid the common mistake of sharing image of same size on each platform, use images of different dimensions for each platform.

To keep your followers engaged, you need to maintain social media presence across popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Choose the type of content carefully

You must have a balance between text and visuals in all your social media posts.

Use types of Content Your Audience Craves :
1. Content That Educates
2. Content That Entertains
3. Utility Content

Also, make sure that you use expressive images that speak more than words instead of mere links and texts posts that are comparatively less engaging.

However, it is crucial to always use high quality, eye-catching, brand flattering images for your website, blog, or social media efforts, in order to portray a professional feel.

Use Your Logo and key colors for consistent branding

Logo and colors play an important part in social media branding. If each of your profiles looks like they’re owned by a different company, it creates a disconnect for your users. You want your branding to be consistent across all channels. This will help people immediately recognize your company no matter which site or app they’re using.

Don’t hesitate to define a set of your 5 favorite fonts, favorite colors (Your brand color palette) according to your brand values and vision to repeatedly and consistently used them in your posts.

One of the most successful example is Coca-Cola :

Be Consistent On All Platforms

It goes without saying that consistency is the key to success. I’m not just referring to the fact that you should post content on a regular basis. I’m talking about the fact that your tone has to keep the same level of professionalism from one post to another, regardless of the social platform you’re using. Switching your tone or your style from one post to another will drive people away rather quickly. Remember, your readers have a short attention span. Consistency causes them to become comfortable with your style and keeps them coming for more.

Post regularly

For the frequency of posting, in reality, there is no magic formula. Don’t always try to post as many post as possible. Quality is more relevant thant quality. What works for one brand, doesn’t work for another. Sure you can read case studies of what has worked for others, but don’t make their solution your solution.

But, keep in mind that nothing will kill social media branding efforts more than irregular posting.

If you only Tweet once every few days or upload one new Instagram picture a month, you’re going to be forgotten. People have used private Instagram viewer tools to know how top users maintain their account. It seems that shortened attention spans combined with rapidly growing social networks have made publishing more important than ever. So continuous quality content is very important to keep connecting with the people.

Conclusion : Find the post frequency that matchs your audience, post regularly.

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