Five essential features every health app should have

Today, it has become easier for doctors to track and adjust the treatment of patients due to the fact that almost everyone now has a smartphone and the ability to manage their health through medical applications with it. At the same time, any health application, of which there are many now, should have some important functionality in its arsenal.

Let’s explore this functionality and find out who can help with the creation of medical applications according to your wishes.

Electronic health records (EHR)

It is imperative that the medical application contains the entire medical history of the user and gives the doctor easy access to it. This, on the one hand, will provide the doctor with the opportunity to make a more prompt decision on the next treatment, and, at the same time, save the patient time on retelling the case history.

Medication reminders

A reminder of the need to take the medicine, in fact, makes it impossible to take them untimely, which is unacceptable in treatment and harmful to the patient’s health.

By filling in the application form regarding the type and number of drugs that need to be taken, you receive reminders about the need to take them and control the course of treatment, and in some applications also reminders about the need to buy new drugs.

Of course, this very useful function avoids complications for people who cannot adhere to the regime due to advanced age or chronic diseases.

Telemedicine and video consultations

Due to the function of telemedicine and video consultations, treatment can take place remotely without the need to visit a medical institution. And if you’re thinking about starting therapy, with teletherapy, you no longer have to travel to a therapist’s office to prioritize your mental health.

Using the medical application, you can sign up for the selected time for a consultation, which will be provided through the patient’s gadget at the selected time, spent in video call mode. This opportunity gained popularity in times of remote communication.

This function is especially relevant for people with disabilities and residents of remote settlements, and is also popular with doctors who have been able to treat more people in a shorter time.

Integration with lab reports

Integration with lab reports avoids the patient losing test results or leaving them in the laboratory by automatically uploading them to a health app.

Moreover, doctors promptly receive the necessary medical information and can determine the course of treatment without waiting for the results of the study from the laboratory.

Chronic illness management system

Chronic illness should be under constant medical supervision. A medical application equipped with a chronic illness tracking function promotes effective patient care and compliance with medical guidelines.

This implies greater systemic management of the patient’s health. That is, for example, in a medical application, it can be possible to record the number of asthma attacks for a person who is sick with it. At the same time, the ability to obtain regular medical reports on the course of the patient’s illness allows the doctor to adjust the course of treatment based on real indicators.

How to create a successful medical application

Thanks to existing health applications, both doctors and patients receive incredible benefits in treatment. It became possible to obtain individual treatment programs, automatically download the results of tests and studies, monitor and correct the treatment of chronic illness and diagnose the state of health. Such capabilities make medical applications critical to health facilities and patients.

However, the question arises of developing a practical and effective program. Light IT Global specialists, who have already developed many health applications, can help with this issue. They can implement the most difficult and grandiose projects.

Why Light IT Global

Light IT Global has significant expertise in creating health applications and has implemented a tremendous number of projects. The company carefully analyzes what exactly the customer wants and is ready to offer a result that will meet the needs of a specific client. Light IT Global implements projects to create medical programs using the latest tools, including machine learning and AI, following existing and causing new trends of healthcare app developement.

The company provides full support during the development of the application and its further maintenance, taking care of the quality of service of your customers.

The creation of medical applications requires the developer’s attention to detail, because we are talking about the life and health of the users of the corresponding programs. This requires professionalism and high quality from the developer. After all, it is your program that can save the lives of millions of people.

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