Storytelling in marketing - 5 tips to help tell interesting stories


Through a clever marketing campaign businesses and organizations can achieve almost anything, from simple things like raising brand awareness to motivate the audience to participate in various activities. The main weapon of virtually any marketing effort is the story because it allows us to trigger emotional responses and make our target audience react. However, it’s not that easy to come up with an interesting story that’s never been told before or one that offers a new view on an existing topic.

We did some research and came up with these five amazing tips that should help you craft brilliant and engaging marketing stories.

Know your audience

If you wish to touch the hearts and minds of your audience, you need to get to know them first. Therefore, the basis of your storytelling should be the audience information that you can gather using your website metrics and a series of available online data. Learn about your audience’s interests, likes, and dislikes, so you can create a compass that would direct your story.

Once you analyze your audience data, you’ll be able to create stories that they search for online, therefore, apart from promoting your brand, you will help your consumers deal with issues that concern them the most.

A good story doesn’t have to be expensive

You might think that crafting a good marketing experience requires a team of high-ranking writers and a million-dollar worth production crew, however, the truth is quite the opposite. While a top-tier marketing team offers an efficient and professional approach, there are so many talented writers and marketers that could help you in crafting a captivating storyline for a fraction of the money.

Furthermore, if you have an interesting idea but you’re not sure how to expand it, you can always seek out help on or some other place where your ideas could be made into an original and engaging story. The benefits of engaging an online platform to help you out with creating your own story are extensive and they include:

  • Choosing a writer
  • Setting up your deadlines
  • Affordable prices

Extensive research is essential

No matter how important or interesting your message might be, the audience will never stay focused enough to keep your up with your story until the end if there’s not enough interesting and usable information incorporated. To create a compelling story, whether in written or multimedia form, we need to research the topic profoundly and gather enough information to keep the attention of our audience and give them a new value.

It takes a lot of time to do proper research and analyze all the information so we could cherry-pick those most valuable to both our story and the audience, so many marketers and copywriters don’t have the time to do this on their own. Many seasoned writers use help for research so they could focus on more pressing matters. There are platforms that include Proessaywriting and other writing services that provide research assistance for both academic and commercial needs, allowing writers to save the time they would better use elsewhere.

Utilize your company history

Each business has an interesting story to tell, especially after a few years of existence there are surely more than a few interesting moments that the audience would love to know about. You can start by creating a short script that would include those main few moments in your company history then expand your story.

Sharing your company history with your customers brings you all together and creates a bond that builds trust, which is essential for a successful business. Think of this process as letting everybody know what you and your team had to endure to stay afloat or rise to a certain height. People love to learn about those most fragile company moments and how you made it through because it’s an experience they could use in their own lives.

If you have a good origin or success story to tell, don’t be afraid to share it with the public. Even if you’re not adept at writing these types of stories yourself, there are places like A writers and other writing agencies that could help you compellingly tell your story or simply brush it up a little. Using online help when you have a story to tell but can’t tell it yourself is always a smart decision, better than leaving an amazing story forever kept from the eyes of the public.

Customer experience is a vast pool of marketing material

If you wish to share the benefits of your service or product with the rest of the world, it’s always a good idea to let the audience know how your existing customers improved their lives thanks to you. You can check out the internet for interesting user reviews and stories that promote your brand unusually or practically, your audience will be thrilled to know that there are people who benefited from your service or product.

If you already have several long-term customers, ask them to help you out by sharing some of their thoughts regarding their experience with your brand. Most clients would be happy to help you out, especially those that have a long-lasting interaction with your business because they are probably extremely satisfied with your offer.


These few pieces of advice are simply the directions that you should follow to create interesting marketing stories. However, the bulk of the work is on you as you are the one that needs to come up with ideas that these tips would sustain. Stay current and authentic at all times, because that way you will separate your brand from the competition and stand out on the market.

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