Boosting Your YouTube Live Streams with Better Graphic Design

Today’s user-generated live streaming platforms are a hot battle for audience attention. The authors of entertainment, gaming and educational projects try to attract as many viewers as possible, using a variety of techniques and tools.

Stream design on YouTube also becomes a kind of weapon, turning into the calling card of the platform owner. Learn more about the importance of corporate identity in promoting a YouTube channel. Designer chat windows, windows framed with specialized frames, lists of the latest and best donors - each element is not only aesthetic, but also practical.

Designing a channel for platforms like YouTube is a job for people with a certain amount of creative abilities.

The user can choose one of two roads: do everything himself or choose a ready-made template. Template solutions look much more attractive compared to the first creations of novice streamers. However, they do not allow us to talk about any uniqueness or exclusivity - almost every third content maker uses them.

Visualize the picture

The process of creating a design for a stream on YouTube or Twitch should begin with a detailed study of the future stylistic image of the channel. Some broadcasts boast additional visual content, while others flaunt simplicity and minimalism - but find something that is unique and in accordance with your personal ideas about a functional interface.

Deciding on the elements

As soon as a generalized picture has appeared in your mind (concerning color tones, fonts and the number of bright details), proceed to the procedure for selecting functional elements.

The list of such modules is extremely wide:

  • blocks of interaction with viewers - lists of the latest subscribers or best donors;

  • social networks - links to the channel owner’s accounts on sites such as Instagram or Facebook;

  • webcam - the window with the image of the broadcaster himself also needs to be framed;

  • chat window - often displayed directly within the broadcast for easier viewing.

Streamers who have already reached the level of popularity have other concerns - they consist in the need for design and high-quality integration of all kinds of advertising links, teasers and banners.

We make sure of simplicity and conciseness

The main mistake that every second novice streamer makes is an overly colorful design, oversaturated with information and colors. All visual content is better if it does not distract the viewer from watching - it is, rather, an addition to the main picture of the broadcast. We try to connect elements with each other, make sure that the screens look aesthetically pleasing, and avoid overly bright palettes.

What programs to use to create a design

Designing a stream using templates (template format) is a simplified, but at the same time not original path, which is often followed only by the most inexperienced streamers. To create bright buttons, windows, lists and frames, the user does not have to take lengthy courses, for example, in graphic design. All operations are carried out according to the steps of elementary instructions, using programs such as Pixelixe. You can already create youtube thumbnail and generate banners for all your social media needs.

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