Best AI Essay Writer 2024 - Pros and Cons to Expect From the Chosen Tool

Today, artificial intelligence is very helpful in different life areas. Smart technology simplifies our life, letting us do different tasks faster and more effectively. If you are a college student, you should definitely try the best AI essay generator to get a great sample of the required written assignment.

Our experts have used plenty of AI tools to test them and decide on their pros and cons. Below, you can see a list of the best AI generators of 2024 that have free trial versions:

As you can see, only AI Essay Generator by CustomWritings provides free essay writing services without the need to pay or test the trial version. Even though some functions are limited, the tool lets you get a free sample of the paper you need to know what to write and how to format it properly.

Now, let’s learn about each tool in detail.

AI Essay Writer by CustomWriting

When students need to do academic homework, they search for different tools to complete their assignments. The worst thing students can do is cheat or ask someone to do homework instead of them. However, not all decisions are wrong. Today, they can use this AI essay writer to get a worthy example of an essay or an article.

AI Essay Writing Tool to Predict Your Needs

This AI essay writing tool is designed to write qualitative essays. The generated papers are without mistakes and more accurate than those from other services. It is programmed to deliver papers that meet academic papers of all types. As a result, it is aware of all formatting tips and content demands, so the generated orders fit your needs. To ensure the originality of your work, integrating a plagiarism checker is crucial, guaranteeing your essay is unique and free from unintentional plagiarism.

Pros and Cons of AI Essay Writing Tool

If you choose this AI Essay writing tool, you can expect the following advantages.

  • Unlike other writing tools, it’s a free AI essay writer. So, all students can use it, no matter how challenging their financial situation is.

  • Its settings allow you to choose the required format (MLA or APA), Discipline (Management, English 101, Nursing, etc.), and essay volume.

  • One can generate an essay or a thesis statement for the needed purpose.

  • It can list the required number of sources.

  • It never produces plagiarized content.

  • The description block allows you to customize your order by giving specific instructions concerning the tone, topic, and length of the paper.

Speaking about the disadvantages of the tool, we can say that:

  • it is narrow-purposed

  • Docx is the only available format

  • you can get only four pages and four sources cited at the end of the paper

Summing up

This best essay writer AI is great because it is free, and its developers try to remove the existing restrictions concerning their services. So, one can use it to get good-level essay samples without mistakes and plagiarism.

Article Forge

It belongs to the best AI for essay writing tools due to the accuracy of the provided information on any assigned topic. It works with long and short tasks, so one should just choose the required order.

Pros and Cons of the Tool

Speaking about the advantages of Article Forge, we can say that it:

  • derives unique content that you can automatically post

  • can generate several articles in a couple of minutes

  • gives five days for a free trial test

  • lets you select one of the seven available languages

  • writes short (50-250 words), medium (500-750), and long articles (1500 words)

What concerns the tool’s disadvantages:

  • It requires some time to generate an article

  • It writes poorly designed essays because it is mainly designed as an article generator

Summing up

It’s hard to call Article Forge the best AI for writing essays. It was designed to write articles for blogs and social media posts. However, it can find relevant, unique content to be used in your essay.

Jasper AI

Jasper deals with AI to help write essays without the need to search for samples on doubtful websites that might provide you with papers full of mistakes. This tool performs writing using academic and informative tones. One can use it to generate excellent examples of top-quality academic papers and do homework at the appropriate level. Besides, the number of words is not limited.

Pros and Cons to Expect

The advantages of Jasper include the following things:

  • it supports over 30 languages for students from different parts of the globe

  • professionals give 4.9/5 stars to the quality of the content it provides

  • it is almost an all-purpose generator, including blog posts, stories, advertisements, essays, and other types of writing

  • one uses simple commands to make it write the required task

  • the tool is connected with Copyscape, allowing you to scan the provided content for plagiarism

  • Grammarly is integrated to let you get a mistake-free text

  • it adapts itself to your needs, including the required keywords, tone, and some other details

The disadvantages of the tool deal with:

  • its price because the best features aren’t free

  • some other AI generators are cheaper compared to Jasper’s services

Summing up

Jasper is truly one of the best essay-writing AI tools. It has many great features to enjoy and benefit from when doing academic homework. It’s easy to use and has a 45-minute tutorial to let you benefit from the used services.


This tool uses artificial intelligence to provide top-quality content for the assigned essays or articles. It has an ABC interface to let users get the desired service quickly. You just need to find a text and copy-paste it to activate this content rewriter.

Pros and Cons of AI Writer

Advantages of AI Writer:

  • it provides information on all required topics

  • it can rewrite any text

  • it gives a list of sources used for the creation of an essay or an article

  • it supplies a user with well-structured and to-the-point content

  • it can provide 100 variants of the pasted text

Disadvantages of AI Writer:

  • it’s a bit expensive, and the list of available features is limited, though

  • it doesn’t write original papers as it is a content rewriter

Summing up

One cannot call it an essay generator AI because its main goal is to rewrite the existing samples and texts. However, its texts are unique.


Perhaps, it is one of the most popular writing AI tools today due to the effective advertising campaign. It is a smart chatbot that performs different assignments for you, including the creation of essays. Its paid version works with photos and pictures that are scanned and processed to help users solve tasks. ChatGPT has 3.5 and 4.0 versions that apply advanced AI.

Pros and Cons of ChatGPT

The benefits of this platform are:

  • it can solve many tasks, including the essay creation

  • GPT-3 essay generator is free

  • 4.0 and paid 3.5 versions work with pictures, so one can take a photo of the assignment and upload it

  • it’s easy to use and navigate

  • its service isn’t limited

Negative sides of this tool include:

  • lack of emotional intelligence, which makes the text more robotic

  • it may provide ambiguous information

  • advanced options are not free

Summing up

This AI writer essay is helpful only in case you want to get a sample or solve some assignments. Besides, it can collect information for you that you might need to write a well-researched essay to meet your tutor’s requirements.


What features are important in an AI essay-writing tool?

The chosen tool must help you provide the needed services. These can be “rewrite the text” or “generate an essay” without plagiarism, mistakes, and of the required academic tone and quality.

Can AI writers be used for academic purposes?

Sure. You can use them to collect information and write a good sample of the assignment you need to do. Some AI tools like ChatGPT can solve calculations, find reliable sources, and solve tests.

How does AI writing compare to traditional essay writing?

It is quick and precise. You receive the required sample in a while without the need to surf the Internet. However, it can hardly be called creative and usually lacks emotional touch. So, it is just a tool to derive samples. Its texts cannot be introduced as unique writing because AI detectors will show their robotic nature.

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