4 Tips for Promoting Your App or Tool

Completing your app or tool is one thing. It is an amazing achievement, but will that achievement be worth anything if you don’t understand how to promote it? Moving with the assumption that you’ve made this app or tool for the purpose of finding customers to use it, the next step now will be to find a great marketing and promotional angle. These four tips will help with that.

Use Online Platforms

When it comes to thinking about how to best market a tool, it works to look at what does well vs. what doesn’t. Generally, when tools and apps have an online presence, they do better than those that do not. Therefore, getting yourself up and running on a virtual platform is going to be your smartest move.

Landing Pages Are Key

Landing pages are those that you see on the search engine. They exist to capture attention and spark engagement. Get yours right, and the people will click out of pure curiosity. Connecting with the masses requires finding your niche and following up with a perfect representation that embraces excitement, intrigue, and credibility.

Once a potential customer clicks on your website, they should encounter a well-placed call to action (CTA). This is to get them to download your app. Make sure you include the links for Android and Apple stores. This CTA is best positioned near the footer that provides icons for your social media.

Blogs Are Helpful

Blogs are also vital parts of a promotions strategy. They are a great place to put your expertise, in the form of info-based articles and fun tips around your core topic focus. What is your tool all about? Use that and pour it into your blog to build your reputation, your audience, and your exposure. If you have informative content, people are more likely to read the next thing you publish too.

Social Media Will Do Wonders

Where would modern business be without social media? There is no point in denying that it has done wonders for the marketing strategies all over the world and is a fantastic platform for putting promotions forward. Not only do you get an attractive reach, but you also have a place where you can interact and engage with your target demographic through direct conversation, fun content, interactive promotions, and more. You can maximize the size of your social media following by positioning yourself as an expert in your field. This means providing timely advice and responding to users promptly.

When you first set up your social media account for the business, you should consider all the possible platforms that attract the target audience you have in mind. For example, if you design videos to advertise your app, the latest statistics show that YouTube gets a third of all hours watched and Facebook receives a quarter of the attention. TikTok manages a fifth of the total. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat are good choices for content material, especially when combined with a professional photograph. Use a banner image for your app.

Hire an Influencer

Join the companies that have decided to partner with a social media influencer. An influencer will have a very large following and great influence over their followers. Find one who meshes with your business product and values, and pay them to market your app. Followers are more inclined to act upon the advice of an influencer, whose judgment and opinions they trust. This can give your app sales a huge boost. Having a video demonstration of your app makes it even easier for the influencer to get your message to their fans. Here are five tips on how to choose the right influencer.

Video Introductions Are Great Attention Grabbers

Whether you do this online or through other channels, creating a video introduction to your tool or app is a proven method for attracting attention. Think about it like this: if you only ever write about your product, you are essentially missing out on 50% of the internet who only move with media-style content and barely look through traditional blog posts. A video is far easier for an influencer to promote on your behalf than a write-up and, you have more creative autonomy with a multi-media approach so you get to show the full scope of what’s on offer.

How to Create a Video

When creating video content, you want it to come across as professional. This means buying or hiring the correct equipment for making a quality video. Just like any other type of marketing, your video needs to showcase a story. You can be as creative as you like in putting this together. An effective video addresses the pain points your customers have, which your app is the answer to. Ideally, you should place the call to action at the end with further links to find your brand on other media.

Create a Video Series

Why create one video when you can produce a series? If your first video is a success, you should consider doing a whole series. This will encourage viewers to subscribe to your social media account or channel and extend the reach of your product and brand message. One idea for doing a series is to relate a different customer experience every time. This enables you to highlight tips for using your product. For creating the above videos, you can use a voiceover tools to create different types of voices in different languages.

Use new material with each subsequent video and the viewers will start looking forward to the next installment. Your video needs to be compelling, imaginative, and not too long but just enough to capture user attention and retain it after they finish watching your videos. Research has shown that two minutes is the perfect length.

To keep viewers returning to your video series, let each one end on a cliffhanger or with a riddle or question. The answer will be revealed in the next video in the series. Humor is effective too. If you are not photogenic or struggle with public speaking, you can hire models or actors to face the camera.

Request User Reviews

Always request reviews from new users either through an in-app pop-up style reminder or through email communication after they create a profile, etc. There are ways to do this which means people leave a review, and then you are better able to build the reputation of your tool. Reviews are key motivating factors that make the difference between downloading or purchasing vs. choosing the next thing on the list.

Polls and surveys are also recommended. An interactive poll allows viewers to vote. The system will immediately calculate the current score and show the person how their rating compares to others. Make this appealing and colorful.

Run a Promotion

If you are facing a lull or you simply want to drum up some rapid interest, consider running some form of promotion. You could offer a discount on in-app purchases. Alternatively, think about a flash offer to re-engage people or bring people around who were sitting on the fence. You can even introduce a new, exciting feature that people will want to explore for themselves.

Prepare a launch celebration! This can take the form of a hosted party. Provide eats and entertainment. You can offer invitations to the first two hundred people in the area that respond to this notification. Take plenty of photographs and upload them on your website and social media platforms. Unless such events are your forte, it is usually best to hire a planner who does this for a living.

Promoting your app or tool is a big thing, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult thing. With all the helpful platforms ready and waiting, promotion is more accessible and—this is the important bit—effective than ever.

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