Present your project with Powerpoint in 10 perfect slides

Presenting a new project has always been particularly difficult for me. It always requires me a lot of preparation. I must define precisely the (Why, How, What) of the project, its requirements, the ins and outs and identify the project short and long term ambition. While many people prefer to pay for PowerPoint presentation or make it quick and slapdash, a well-made work with your own hands brings much more pleasure.

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Best tips to “bootstrap” a professional website in 2019

I am pretty sure that reading the title of this post, most of you will think : “Everyone knows how to create a website, especially in 2019.”

That’s right for most of geeks and nerds but you will be surprised by how many people, especially small businesses, are still lost and had absolutely no knowledge about how to get a decent website to showcase their company or product.

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