How to create successful Facebook posts

With billions users, without any doubt, Facebook has can significantly increase brand awareness and deliver targeted and qualified traffic to your website and emphasize your products or services effectively.

But, keep in mind that the competitions is high. You may have noticed that your competitors, as well as millions of other companies are trying to buy Facebook likes, comments or applying different techniques simultaneously to reach your audience. We do not recommend you to buy fake user interactions that won’t help you in the long term. Therefore, it is key to stand out of the crowd and to try to catch users attention while they are browsing their infinite feeds.

More easier to say that to do, you might say. Sure it is!

Please, find below, some tips to help you create stunning Facebook posts and catch as much attention as possible.

Write your post like you’re talking to a friend

Ask yourself? Why people are going on Facebook? Not to buy? Not to sell? It is not Amazon or Ebay, isn’t it? It is a social network aiming to ease communication between friends and families.

So, the best way to catch Facebook users attention is to act as if you were addressing to friends.

Be sure that Facebook users will detect sales pitches in a second. In an era of fake news, our attention span is decreasing year after year. Ask yourself how you behave when you are scrolling your own social media feeds? Do you enjoy ads or commercial posts ? Do you prefer humoristic or motivational post or sales one for example?

Well, you know the proverb, don’t do to others what you don’t want to do to you. Everything is said, if you want to catch up people attentions, do what your audience expects and likes.

Get your audience right

People are tired of Fake news, bad news or overpitched solutions. What everyody want is truth, sincerity and authenticity as well as good news.

That’s a fact and being positive and authentic is a strategy that will always pay off in the long term.

As part of those basic rules, you must understand more deeply who is your audience.

You must identify them and questions that will help you increase your revenue.

  • What age groups do you reach?
  • What’s their average income?
  • Do they have common values?

These and other questions will help you get a clear picture of who your ideal customers are.

One easy method to identify who are your customers is to survey them. At first, send an email to your early adopters to thank them, send a little gift (one free month if you are selling a saas product for example) and ask them kindly few questions that might help you understand why they purchased your product.

Another method to help you identify your audience (gender, age, etc..) would be to use the Personas method, you can discover this method on one of our previous article about crafting perfect user experience for your app.

Post an Image and a link

On Facebook, posts with photos or links are far superior and more successful than just text only posts. In fact, photos and videos drive the most engagement in terms of likes, shares, and comments on Facebook.

Moreover, photos with a relevant link perform better than just a photo alone, so try to add a link when possible.

If you need graphics to emphasize your products or services, at Pixelixe, we developed an online free editor to help you design graphics specifically for social media posts such as Facebook. You can create stunning graphics, from our templates, even if you are not a designer. Discover Pixelixe Studio here : (No account required).

Has a Clear Goal

What do you want this post to do? Drive traffic to your website? Encourage comments that build your community? Get people to share it?

Define a clear objective for your marketing campaign and each of your posts. Having a strategy is essential. Do not post only for the simple purpose of posting. Sure, you are probably aware than regularity is important but consistency and storytelling are as much important. Try to post content that bring value to readers and make sure that all your posts reunited tell a consistent story. Bring them into your brand journey and be sure they will become addict to your stories.

One technic to define objective is to create a posting roadmap. Simply list topics that you can post regularly that bring value and interests your target audience. Sort this list and post topic after topic respecting frequency to bring consistency to your public.


Finally, Keep your message short. Remember how you scroll your Facebook feed. You scroll it as fast as possible, right? Either because you are in a hurry, either you know that most of posts are not qualified enough to catch your attention and your attention span is limited. Well, be sure it is the same reality for everybody else. Therefore, be sure that your message is short enough to be read in a heartbeat. No need to post a too long text.

Hope this article has been useful to you. If it does, I strongly recommend you to check out our other posts about marketing strategy, graphic design and social media design at

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N.B: If you are interested to go further in creating successful Facebook header, Facebook banner to make your Facebook post shine on your feed. Consider to also read our other articles explaining how to create a Facebook cover the right way.

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