7 Social Media Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business

Social media marketing is by far one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. In the day and age when so many potential customers are located on several popular platforms, it’s a must for most companies to launch marketing campaigns on these very platforms.

Hence, here are the seven social media marketing tips to boost your business.

1 - Implement Storytelling Techniques

First of all, you need to implement storytelling techniques into your social media marketing strategy. Storytelling has always been a powerful tool for building a brand. Moreover, it can help you humanize your brand which is essential for truly connecting with your audience and building a dedicated and loyal follower base.

Besides, the storytelling techniques you use don’t necessarily have to be complex. For example, using emojis in your posts and post captions can help you convey the emotions you want to be associated with certain phrases in your text. You just need to make sure not to overuse emojis as they can have the opposite effect when there are too many of them.

2 - Plan Ahead – But Be Flexible

The next thing you need to do is plan ahead while also being flexible. Having a schedule or calendar for posting can help you organize the process more and keep up even a complex social media campaign. But you should still remember that there will be times when you need to diverge from your initial plan which is when you will need to be flexible and adapt to the situation.

As Kevin Horan from the writing service reviews site Best Writers Online puts it, “The posting frequency you choose is particularly important. If you post too often, your followers might get annoyed, but if you post too rarely, you won’t be able to get new followers. In other words, you need to find the golden middle and stick to it as much as possible.”

3 - Partner with Other Creators

It may be very tempting to be a lone wolf on social media and only mind your own business but partnering with other creators and businesses like yours can prove to be way more effective. In fact, collaborations and partnerships often attract a lot of attention, especially because the people you collaborate with already have their own fans cheering for them.

As a part of your partnership or collaboration, you can launch a giveaway or a contest. You don’t even need to organize something like that – you can simply give a shoutout to the other creator and they will give a shoutout to you. Whatever you choose to do, it can give you more exposure and can improve your brand awareness quite a bit.

4 - Learn from Past Mistakes

It may sound obvious that you need to learn from past mistakes, but not everyone actually knows how to do it properly. Of course, you need to track the performance of your campaigns and see what works and what doesn’t and then optimize your future campaigns, but there are other ways to learn from past mistakes.

For example, try combining different techniques and seeing the results of such experiments. An email marketing campaign can be supported by a giveaway you host on social media, but if that doesn’t work, you can always try a different approach and find what’s best applicable to your brand.

5 - Value Quality Over Quantity

One thing that many business owners and marketers tend to forget is that quality must always come before quantity. If you decide to be aggressive with your social media marketing strategy and start posting a lot of low-quality content, you might find that most users won’t value this approach and will be turned away from your brand accounts.

On the other hand, when you decide to dedicate enough time to actually creating quality content, people will value this, and you will find more followers (aka potential customers) on your page. Investing in your social media strategy is one of the most important factors that will lead you to success.

6 - Experiment with Hashtags

Obviously, hashtags are a huge part of social media marketing, but not everyone is ready to experiment with them. Most of the time, marketers simply do some research and stick to whichever hashtags are appropriate for their content and their niche. But if you actually take time to try out new hashtags every once in a while, you might find that your content does way better than it would if you had stuck to the same hashtags from the very beginning.

As Penelope Edwards from the paper writing service reviews site Online Writers Rating notes, “Some marketers choose to cut back on the number of hashtags they use on social media and instead of focus on a specific theme. So, instead of trying to have many general hashtags, you might want to get a group of hashtags all focused on a single topic. This is not the most conventional approach, but it can give you more visibility in certain niches.”

7 - Try Out and Use Effective Tools

Last but not least, trying out and using effective tools for social media marketing is another way to get better results from your campaigns. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t even need to buy any special software as most of it is available for free. You just need to find it and learn how to use it.

For example, Pixelixe Studio offers a great tool for creating visual content for social media, particularly images. You should try to find tools both for content creation and for completing other tasks necessary for your social media marketing campaigns such as productivity apps, scheduling apps and calendars, analytics tools, and so on. And, of course, if you see that you need a paid app, don’t hesitate to invest in it if that’s really what you need for your campaign.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, using even only these few social media and business marketing tips will help you significantly improve your digital strategy, so don’t hesitate to start using them to boost your social media marketing campaigns.

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